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Transgender Agenda 9th December 2018

We'll look back on rush to change children's sex as dark medical time 18th November 2018

PIERS MORGAN: For God's sake let boys be boys 22nd November 2017

PETER HITCHENS: Transgender zealots are destroying truth 19th November 2017

"Gender Identity Politics Creates Automatons Incapable Of Self Reflection & Taking Criticism." 14th November 2017

Scots parents who question trans feelings in kids to be reported 14th November 2017

If You Tolerate This… 13th November 2017

85% Do not think it is a good idea for drag queens to talk to nursery children about gender diversity 13th November 2017

Teacher suspended for referring to a transgender boy as girl in class 13th November 2017

Transgender lessons for two-year-olds: Drag queens drafted into nursery schools to teach children about sexual diversity 12th November 2017

Primary children should be allowed to be trans without parents consent 12th November 2017

Trans people ‘misunderstand and often regret’ sex-change surgery, says top fertility doctor 3rd November 2017

Melanie Phillips destroys the transgender madness 24th October 2017

"50 kids A Week Being referred To Gender Realignment Doctors. This Is Utter Madness." 24th October 2017

Record 50 children a week referred to gender realignment doctors 22nd October 2017

Rise in transgender reversals, says to surgeon at popular clinic 3rd October 2017

NHS saves sperm of transgender teenagers 1st October 2017

Gender Ideology Harms Children September 2017

PROOF! Water Turns Frogs Gay 21st September 2017

Parents remove son from school in pupil gender row 11th September 2017

The Transgender Agenda - Normalising Madness 9th September 2017

“My daughter has a gender!” Parents angry over introduction of gender neutral school uniforms 6th September 2017

Pediatric expert calls kindergarten transgender lesson ‘psychological abuse’ 29th August 2017

There Can Only Ever Be Two Genders, It’s Science: Ian Collins 31st August 2017

Henry Makow "There Is A War On Gender, The Family Unit & Free Speech. It Is Truly Satanic." 16th March 2017

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