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Building The Beast System 2nd December 2017

Wi-FRIED! The Slow Cooking Of Our Children 29th November 2017

A I , Universal Computers & The 600 Cell Tetrahedron Universe w Anthony Patch 360p 25th November 2017

Black Friday Madness, Mysterious Booms & Alien Black Goo 24th November 2017

Net Neutrality Scam, Deep Learning Overdrive & Organic Electronics 23rd November 2017

Cabal Collapse, Consciousness & The Mysterious Black Goo w/Duncan Campbell 22nd November 2017

Interrogating A.I. with Anthony Patch 21st November 2017

Blockchain Raising The I.Q. Of A.I. w/Anthony Patch 18th November 2017

Next Gen Machines & CERN IS A QUANTUM COMPUTER 16th November 2017

Climate Change Fraud & Agenda 21 EXPOSED w/Dr Eric Karlstrom 15th November 2017

Saudi, Bitcoin & The Sophia Singularity w/Anthony Patch 14th November 2017

Biohacking, Bioweapns & The Antarctic Atlantis | FREAKY FRIDAY, EP#143 13th November 2017

Aquaponics & The Hadron Holy Grail with Anthony Patch 360p 13th November 2017

WTF ! ! Facebook Want Your NAKED Images! 720p 10th November 2017

LiFi, Brain Geometry & Our Multidimensional Mind w/Anthony Patch 8th November 2017

Time To Talk About The Pyramids, Who Built Them & Why? (Freaky Friday Ep#142) 6th November 2017

Frequency, Music Industry, Mandela Effects & More w/Robbi Spencer | Anthony Patch Show Ep#46 5th November 2017

What Secrets Lie Within The Mysterious Void Found In The Great Pyramid? 3rd November 2017

Quantum Confirmations, CERN & The Dangers of "Superhuman" A.I. w/Anthony Patch 2nd November 2017

KBS HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! Remote Viewing, Scottish Witch Trials & So Much More 1st November 2017

CERN, D Wave & The Quantum Manhatton Project with Anthony Patch 31st October 2017

Things That Make You Go WOO! (Freaky Friday, Ep#141) 30th October 2017

The Truth About Gravity & Other Scientific Myths 28th October 2017

Welcome To NEOM Megopolis & Life Under A.I. (KBS Ep#810) 28th October 2017

Revealing The Real Monsters This Halloween (KBS Ep#809) 26th October 2017

Beyond The Singularity (KBS Ep#808) 25th October 2017

CERN Scientists Conclude "UNIVERSE SHOULDNT EXIST"... Or Could They Be Wrong? 24th October 2017

Into The Unexplained with Duncan Campbell & The Woo Crew 23rd October 2017

Chaos In The Matrix with NanoGirl (KBS Ep#806} 20th October 2017

Foreshadowing & Patterns In The Programming (KBS Ep'805) 19th October 2017

X Your Heart & HOPE TO LIVE! with Don Tuskin 18th October 2017

Ophelia Hits UK, Futurists & Science Killing God? (KBS Ep#803) 17th October 2017

Directed Energy Weapons Over California with Elana Freeland 14th October 2017

REVERSE SPEECH: Going Backwards Into The Subconscious w/David Oates & Jay Wilder 14th October 2017

California Fires, Earth Changes & Quantum Mind Control 12th October 2017

The Manual Of Organised Gangstalking Operations EXPOSED! 11th October 2017

Connecting Vegas, Geomancy, SNL, Tetrahedrons & More (KBS Ep#799) 10th October 2017

The Riddle Of Roslyn, Committee of 300, Secret Space & More on FREAKY FRIDAY! 9th October 2017

Film Director Exposes The True Hollywood Agenda 7th October 2017

Evil Rising, Paranormal Activity & Prophecy Peddlers with Exorcist BILL BEAN 6th October 2017

Vegas Shooting, Silicon Valley Vampires & The Senses of A.I. | ANTHONY PATCH 4th October 2017

A I Gods vs Hollywood Director On His Mission From God 3rd October 2017

Beyond The Paranormal Portal w/Brent Thomas 2nd October 2017

SCHRODINGERS PATCH! Quantum Teleportation, Quantum Computers More 28th September 2017

Who Are The Elite Players Of Globalnopoly? 27th September 2017

Welcome To The TECHNOPOLY with Anthony Patch 26th September 2017

September 23rd Begins 7-Year Tribulation 2017

Hauntings, EVP & The Frequency Of Ghosts - Todd Schelat & Jacqueline Davieau 22nd September 2017

Earthquakes, Niburu, Stranglets & Quantum Tunnelling To DEMONS 21st September 2017

Mexico Earthquake, Maria's Wrath & Ancient Alien Nukes 20th September 2017

September 23rd Hype Sets Stage For FAKE Second Coming 20th September 2017

Quantum Geomancy & The Brain Internet with Anthony Patch 19th September 2017

Weather Wars, Celebrated Society & Robot Roll Out with NANOGIRL 16th September 2017

Emulated Machines & Our Upcoming Obsolescence w/Anthony Patch 15th September 2017

Linda Moulton Howe - Earth Is An Alien Laboratory, AI & Disclosure 13th September 2017

Mexico Earthquake Lights, HAARP & Mind Control 10th September 2017

Geoengineered Climate Change, Little Kim Solar Flares Anthony Patch 8th September 2017

8.1M Earthquake Hits Of Coast Of Mexico Amidst Massive Solar Flares 7th September 2017

A Royal Conspiracy, Weather Wars, Alien Mummies & More 7th September 2017

Hurricane Irma Inbound, Putin On AI Valley Vampires w Anthony Patch 5th September 2017

Putin & Musk Sound The Alarm On The Threat Of AI Starting Wars 4th September 2017

Hurricane Updates & Taking A.I. Back To The Future w/Anthony Patch 31st August 2017

Hurricane Havoc, Manta Submarine, Elon's Neural Lace & More w/Anthony Patch 29th August 2017

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