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Proposed counter terror laws 'could put legal rights at risk' 19th September 2018

Using Human Rights to Counter Terrorism 16th July 2018

Six months after the Manchester terror attack, the Tories STILL haven’t honoured their financial promise 13th November 2017

Only 5% referred to Tories Prevent programme are offered special help 10th November 2017

Patrick Henningsen - War Is Not Inevitable 8th November 2017

MI5 chiefs ‘missed key warnings’ about Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi 5th November 2017

Council house 'bribes' for UK terror suspects 28th October 2017

NSA documents reveal Saudi role in funding terror groups in Syria 25th October 2017

"5600 members return home from Syria, Iraq" 25th October 2017

Government warned against 'criminalising thought' by UK terror watchdog 24th October 2017

Senator Dick Black "Iran Has Never Attacked Anyone. Saudi Arabia Is Real Sponsor Of Global Terror." 24th October 2017

US Backed Syrian Rebels Using Chemical Weapons Confirms State Dept. 21st October 2017

UK Column News 20th October 2017

UK taxpayers funding Syrian opposition by £14m 20th October 2017

Russia calls on UN to fully investigate possibly 'staged' Syrian chemical incident 14th October 2017

Tory policy of locking up torture victims declared unlawful 12th October 2017

Tougher penalties for suspects even ‘slightly involved’ in terrorism plots 12th October 2017

Veterans Against Terrorism & Football Lads Alliance reclaim London 7th October 2017

Yair Cohen, internet law expert and social media solicitor, talks to RT UK 4th October 2017

Amber Rudd: viewers of online terrorist material face 15 years in jail 3rd October 2017

Did an ISIS ringleader receive British taxpayer money? 27th September 2017

British counterterrorism laws breach human rights 26th September 2017

SAS Phil Campion "Close The Borders & Round Up The Jihadists On The Terror Watch List!" 26th September 2017

Fake News at Parsons Green? Terrorist? Bomb? Or Are Police Lying? 23rd September 2017

The Stunning Hypocrisy of Puppet Proxy 'Leaders' 22nd September 2017

The Rise of Tecnocracy - Which Path to Freedom - Looking Behind the Veil 22nd September 2017

Man, 21, arrested over Parson Greens plot is released without charge 22nd September 2017

Independent reviewer: 'Terror laws stigmatising Muslims, must be dropped' 22nd September 2017

Parsons Green, Counter-Terrorism in the UK & 4 Years to Fix the Big Ben 20th September 2017

Parsons Green terror suspect, 21, sneaked into the UK on lorry 20th September 2017

Google, Facebook and Twitter told to take down terror content within two hours or face fines 19th September 2017

Terrorism prevention expert: "We need to see how the Quran is being interpreted" 19th September 2017

New CCTV footage appears to show Parsons Green suspect 18th September 2017

Sunday Wire - London Bucket Bombing 18th September 2017

Parsons Green tube bomb: police arrest second man 18th September 2017

First pictures of arrested Tube bomb suspect 18th September 2017

SAS troops with 'shoot to kill' orders are deployed on Underground 17 September 2017

Parsons Green terror suspect 'known to MI5, let free 2 weeks ago', supine journalists? 17th September 2017

Sunday View With Richie Allen 17th September 2017

Nigel Farage Says It's Time To Respond To Terrorism By Arming The Police Force 17th September 2017

Parsons Green Tube bomb: 'Fireball flew down carriage and we jumped out' 15th September 2017

London Terror Attack Explosion On Tube Train 15th September 2017

Sent: Friday, August 18, 2017 1:54 PM
Subject: MOD response - David Mortimer

Dear Mr Mortimer,

Please see attached a response from the Ministry of Defence.

Yours sincerely,
Operations Directorate

Sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2017 12:43 PM
Subject: Where is your evidence?

Dear Michael Fallon,

Please will you kindly clarify what evidence there is to support the claims you have made which are Assad used chemical weapons on his own people & the public support British military action in Syria?

Yours Sincerely

David Mortimer

Sent: Monday, June 26, 2017 3:18 PM
Subject: T5523 17- Letter to David Mortimer

Dear David Mortimer

Thank you for your email of 23 May to the Home Office expressing your concerns about a link between UK foreign policy and domestic terrorism, which has been passed to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office for a response. Please find attached our response.

Thank you

Counter Terrorism Department

Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 5:02 PM
Subject: MOPAC reply to David Mortimer - CCTV

Dear Mr Mortimer

Thank you for your email to the Mayor regarding CCTV in London. Your email has been passed to the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) for response.

CCTV footage is one of many tools used by police across London to help secure convictions and keep people safe. It can be collated from an array of public and private sources to enhance an evidence picture. In Westminster specifically, the Council have opted to transfer ownership of their CCTV cameras to the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and work is underway to complete this handover.

I hope this response serves to reassure you that issues regarding CCTV in London are in hand. MPS continue to access CCTV footage from around the capital to keep people safe and progress investigations.

Yours sincerely

Shawney Murphy

Corporate Strategy Officer
Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime

Sent: 06 June 2017 11:54
Subject: CCTV

Dear Sadiq Khan,

Please will you kindly tell me if the entire network of CCTV cameras which were turned off in London to save money have been turned back on again or not?

Yours Sincerely

David Mortimer

MI5 Don't Need A Press Office, Most Home Affairs Journalists Are MI5 Press Officers' 2nd June 2017

Home Office refuses to publish terrorist funding report amid claims it focuses on Saudi Arabia 1st June 2017

UK secret services, MI5, MI6, complicit in Manchester Arena terror attack? 26th May 2017

Jeremy Corbyn blames UK foreign policy for terror attacks such as Manchester bombing 25th May 2017

Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 5:04 PM
Subject: Concerns about a link between UK foreign policy and domestic terrorism

Dear Theresa May,

Please will you kindly tell me if you have any concerns about a link between UK foreign policy and domestic terrorism?

Yours Sincerely

David Mortimer


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