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UK’s plans to make Facebook & Google ‘media outlets’ would ‘control freedom of speech’ 12th October 2017

The Manual Of Organised Gangstalking Operations EXPOSED! 11th October 2017

'Like' 1984: Facebook says policing fake news could create Orwellian reality 9th October 2017


Yair Cohen, internet law expert and social media solicitor, talks to RT UK 4th October 2017

Facebook tests facial recognition technology for accounts 4th October 2017

NOTHING TO HIDE documentary 3rd October 2017

High Court refers Facebook data case to Europe 3rd October 2017

Something Very Strange About This Biometric Technology! Sign of the Times Has Begun 3rd October 2017

Google's 2017 'Hitler birthday' algorithm censors investigative journalism, could presage WWIII 2nd October 2017

Tony Gosling On Las Vegas Shooting, Catalan Referendum Violence, Edward Heath & More. 2nd October 2017

Track & Trap: US plans to collect social media data on all immigrants 1st October 2017

Anonymous - A Shocking Message for The World... 30th September 2017

Security vs. Privacy: Does ’Section 702’ threaten freedoms it’s supposed to protect? 27th September 2017

Facebook Was Designed to Get The Whole World In The Same Place To Manage What We See & Hear." 26th September 2017

Apple and Google only want your biometrics not to sell phones! 23rd September 2017

The Rise of Tecnocracy - Which Path to Freedom - Looking Behind the Veil 22nd September 2017

The Horrific Dangers of Smart Technology 20th September 2017

Facebook Executive Tells CNBC: Social Media Is A ‘Deep State’ Surveillance Tool 17th September 2017

Tribunal says EU judges should rule on legality of UK surveillance powers 8th September 2017

InPower Episode #1: A Mass Action of Liability 29th August 2017

UK secret services, MI5, MI6, complicit in Manchester Arena terror attack? 26th May 2017

The Role Of Utility Meters In Mass Surveillance 23rd March 2017

EU’s highest court rules UK surveillance laws illegal 21st December 2016

Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald & Noam Chomsky - A Conversation on Privacy 26th March 2016

"Smart" Meters & Surveillance: What Are Your Rights Worth? 3rd September 2013

The Tavistock Agenda 2nd February 2011

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