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Statistics about Children on Child Protection Registers 31st March 2006

There were 569,300 referrals to social services departments in the year ending 31 March 2006, compared to the previous year’s figure of 552,000 (in other recent years the figures have been around 570,000). Of the 2006 referrals, 23% were repeat referrals within 12 months of a previous referral, compared to 22% in the previous year.

Initial assessments

Of the 300,200 initial assessments completed in the year, 194,900 (65%) were completed within 7 working days of referral. This compares with 179,200 (62%) out of a total of 290,300 for the previous year.

Core assessments

Of the 84,800 core assessments undertaken in the year, 63,000 (74%) were completed within 35 days (PAF C64). This compares with 49,700 (67%) out of a total of 74,100 for the previous year.

Registrations and de-registrations

There were 31,500 additions to the registers (registrations) in 2006. Around 14% of children registered during 2006 had previously been registered (PAF A3) – one percentage point more than in 2005. During the year ending 31 March 2006, 31,000 children were de-registered.

Children on Child Protection Registers

There were 26,400 children on child protection registers at 31 March 2006, compared with 25,900 for 2005. The 2006 figure represents 24 children per 10,000 of the population aged under 18, this compares with 23 in 2005.

Looked after children

Of the children on the register at 31 March 2006, 2,600 (10%) were also looked after by local authorities. This compares with 3,000 (12%) for 2005. 80% of looked after children who were on registers were in foster placements and 12% were placed with their own parents. Five years ago 75% of looked after children were in foster placements and 16% were placed with their own parents.

Category of abuse

Neglect is the most common category of abuse under which children are registered, 43% and the same percentage as in 2005. The percentage of children registered due to emotional abuse increased from 19% in 2005 to 21 percent in 2006. Registrations due to physical abuse decreased between 2005 and 2006, from 18% to 16% respectively.

Length of time on register

Six per cent of children removed from the register had been on it for over 2 years (PAF C21) – the same figure as last year, following a downward trend over a number of years.

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