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The SS Social Services 22nd November 2018


Sharon Gale's Story Of Child Death Cover-Up, Government Targeting & Forced Adoption. A Must Listen. 4th April 2018

‘We believe you harmed your child’: the war over shaken baby convictions 8th December 2017

The End Of Forced Adoption In The UK? Meet The Social Workers Challenging The System 15th November 2017

Record number of children at risk of abuse or neglect in England 14th November 2017

Is The UK Family Court System Stealing Children? Ian Josephs Debates Solicitor Sarah Clubley. 9th November 2017

Social worker could be struck off after faking evidence in child case 31st October 2017

Two million children are referred to social services 29th October 2017

Former social worker slams Worcestershire County Council over 'failing' Children's Services 25th October 2017

Man from Grays, who is campaigning to reform social services, becomes a hit on social media 18th October 2017

Luke Maguire "A Vaccine Injured Our Son. We Asked Questions & They Took Him From Us." 11th October 2017

Couple stage protest over 'forced adoptions' 9th October 2017

The Richie Allen Show Sunday October 8th 2017

EastEnders fans slam shocking portrayal of social services as 'child snatchers' 6th October 2017

Carmel calls social services after accusing Stacey of harming son on EastEnders 3rd October 2017

The Children and Social Work Act comes into force 31st October 2017

Social workers in Cumbria failed to protect vulnerable children despite sexual abuse concerns, shocking report reveals 22nd September 2017

Stop forced adoption Bridgend 15th September 2017

"I want my children back!" Protest on the roof of social services building 11th September 2017

Samantha Richards "We Call Social Services The SS. They Steal & Traffic Our Children. It's Evil." 16th August 2017

Child Stealing By The State - A Social Worker Speaks 31st March 2016

A complete failure of Bexley Children’s services 6th June 2015

New child-neglect laws will criminalise normal aspects of parenting 3rd April 2014

Parents who emotionally abuse their children could face 10 years in jail 30th March 2014

Council children's services branded inadequate by Ofsted 21st March 2014

Social services shake up after deaths of four youngsters in Southampton 6th March 2014

Suspended boss gets new job with Cumbria council 4th March 2014

Social workers need power of entry 24th February 2014

UK courts must not decide the fate of foreign children, says top judge 15th January 2014

MP tells parents suspected of child abuse to flee the country 12th January 2014

Who do local authorities protect children from? 28th December 2013

Who are their policies designed to protect children from? 19th December 2013

Children and Families Bill 14th March 2013

My 'victory’ over secrecy in the family courts has a nasty twist 9th March 2013

The Children and Families Bill - what private children lawyers need to know 4th March 2013

Open up family court hearings, says senior judge 2nd March 2013

Second Reading of the Children and Families Bill in the House of Commons 25th February 2013

Questioning 'affects children’s evidence' 18 February 2013

Victorian child neglect laws in 'urgent' need of overhaul 7th February 2013

New rules cut the number of expert witnesses in family courts 1st February 2013

Social workers to gain powers to enter homes in abuse cases 30th January 2013

Reducing delays in family courts 31st January 2013

CAB Family Law Unit Closed 30th January 2013

Parents regain access to children after five year battle 29th January 2013

Family Justice Board Action Plan published 25th January 2013

To secure a conviction of perjury requires 2 witnesses 24th January 2013

Secret Courts Destroy the Legal Fabric 18th January 2013

Attachment research for family court professhionals by Michael E Lamb 2012

Law Society Written evidence on draft Children and Families Bill 5th November 2012

Families 'hit by legal aid plans' 21st April 2012

Family courts and how incompetent so-called experts are failing children 13th March 2012

Sex offenders including paedophiles should be allowed to adopt 15th December 2010

Lost Opportunities - Law Reform and Transparency in the Family Courts 1st July 2010

Media must be allowed into family courts, says Sir Mark Potter 20th October 2008

A moving response to our family justice campaign 17th July 2008

Get rid of law that hurts the innocent most 11th July 2008

Family Courts: A series not to be missed 10th July 2008

A Conspiracy of Silence 7th July 2008

The Times launches campaign on family justice 6th July 2008

Barristers 'exploiting misery' as fees in family law cases rise 25% in 5 years 19th June 2008

Family courts out of touch says judge 16th June 2008

Barristers in family cases face big cut in fees 19th May 2008

Practice Direction: Residence & Contact Orders: Domestic Violence & Harm 14th May 2008

President of the Family Division strong presumption in favour of McKenzie Friends 14th April 2008

Cash prize for council that hit adoption targets 13th April 2008

British justice: a family ruined 21st February 2008

The alternative to needless adoptions 25th January 2008

The Government has ruled that judgments can go up online 9th January 2008

Making a clean break 8th January 2008

Family justice policy does not work for children, report says 10th December 2007

New guidance published on justices' reasons in the Family Proceedings Court 26th November 2007

The expert as judge and jury 19th November 2007

The secret history of family law reform 6th November 2007

Legal aid bill 'highest in world' 24th September 2007

Children Act 1989: Risk Assessments under Section 16A 17th September 2007

The devoted paediatrician killed in her drive as she left for work 16th August 2007

Childrens Act appraisal 27th July 2007

Give us back our children 26th July 2007

How many care cases received legal aid 23rd July 2007

Family Courts shold be led out of the dark ages 17th July 2007

Number of applications made to the family courts in England and Wales 16th July 2007

Family Law - Miscarriages of justice 4th July 2007

Councils making millions in incentives after snatching record numbers of babies for adoption 2nd July 2007

More family cases go behind closed doors 21st June 2007

Falconer refuses to lift veil of secrecy over family courts 20th June 2007

How a family court stole my family 15th June 2007

The forces of secrecy are prevailing 5th June 2007

The rank hypocrisy of family court judges 24th May 2007

Gender and familial relationship to the child victims in Tameside 16th May 2007

From start to finish — one case, one judge 17th April 2007

The forces of secrecy are prevailing 29th March 2007

Ministers rethinking plan to open family courts to media 22nd March 2007

Courts face week of disruption as defence solicitors work to rule 19th March 2007

Legal advisers leave families in the dark on mediation services 6th March 2007

Divorce mediation could save millions 2nd March 2007

Legal aid and mediation for people involved in family breakdown 2nd March 2007

Climbie council 'is still failing abused children' 20th February 2007

Civil courts 'on verge of collapse' 13th February 2007

Witness should not be cross-examined by a LIP 7th February 2007

The Basis of Child Protection in Milton Keynes 11th January 2007

Judge targeted as fathers start new campaign 5th January 2007

Rise in child abuse cases puts pressure on legal aid budget 28th December 2006

Family courts are the B-side of the law 21st December 2006

Lord Ramsbotham exclusive: Justice system is absurd. Broken. Chaotic 30th November 2006

Are we spending too much on legal aid, and do the right people benefit? 29th November 2006

'The status quo is not an option' 6th November 2006

Landmark decision backs ministers' wishes 3rd November 2006

Why are they peddling the same set of 'family justice' reforms again? 1st November 2006

You can't silence justice 1st November 2006

Blind justice without a name 19th October 2006

'Millions wasted' on court cases 18th October 2006

Family reunited after abuse error 17th October 2006

The Discarded Programme of Family Law Reform 12th October 2006

Hidden world of Britain's tormented families is laid bare 27th August 2006

Family courts to poll children about ending secret hearings 27th August 2006

Justice must be seen to be done in family courts 27th August 2006

'Sorry saga' of false abuse claim 17th July 2006

500 remanded in custody each year over child access 10th July 2006

Children and Adoption Bill debate 20th June 2006

The 'lost' Section 8 reform 14th June 2006

Last year something like 200 people were sent to prison by the family courts 13th June 2006

Family Courts are more Secret than our Prisons 4th June 2006

Secrecy of the family courts may be about to end 24th May 2006

No names, no proof, no consensus 24th May 2006

Innocent parents accused of abuse 23rd April 2006

Council must pay £500,000 for wrongly taking girl into care Guardian - 17th March 2006

Re X (Emergency Protection Orders) [2006] EWHC 510 (Fam) 16th March 2006

Innocent but presumed guilty Times - 13th January 2006

So what happened to all the feared miscarriages of justice? 9th January 2006

Council could face massive damages bill 8th January 2006

Family courts 'dispense injustice on routine basis' 30th December 2005

Police probe mum's custody battle claim 8th December 2005

Children and Adoption Bill - DfES Briefing 5th December 2005

Family courts' veil of secrecy will lift to win back public confidence 5th December 2005

Ten years of abuse - and girls were failed by everyone 8th October 2005

The Child Stealers 20th August 2005

Care for the Family Briefing paper 19th August 2005

Shambolic protection system is still failing children say experts 14th July 2005

Consensus Major Distortions of Family Policy 26th April 2005

Putting mummy in the stocks 19th January 2005

It is time to open up family courts to public scrutiny 10th January 2005

Family court secrecy is bad for children 1st November 2004


Parliament launches review of family court cases 20th September 2004

'We were accused of raping little girls, having orgies, killing cats Sunday Herald 11th July 2004

Every part of the criminal justice system is failing 23rd April 2004

Freddy O'Neil sued his local social services department 16th March 2004

Family courts failing children 30th December 2003

Social worker lied to court about children Portsmouth News - 29th July 2003

How to use the social services complaints process

Forced adoption should be the last option given the poor outcomes & cost.