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Subject: Shared Parenting Definition

Hi David,

The accompanying definition captures the essential elements of what is meant by shared parenting.

The advocacy focus is the enactment of a rebuttable legal presumption of equal parental responsibility defined as children spending equal time with each parent..

The term, shared parenting refers to a post–divorce arrangement that attempts to approximate the parent–child relationships in the original two–parent home. In this arrangement, both parents not only have equal rights and responsibilities for their children's welfare andupbringing, but also have an active role to play in the daily routines of their children's care and development. Each remain as salient attachment figures in their children's lives, the child having substantial, but not necessarily equal contact with each parent. As the living arrangement that most closely resembles the pre–divorce family in cases where both parents had an active parenting role before divorce, shared parenting encompasses both shared physical care taking (the actual day–to–day care of children) and equal authority regarding the children's education, medical care, and religious upbringing.

This translates into the following policy recommendation:
That a rebuttable legal presumption of equal parental responsibility defined as children spending equal time with each parent be established

(Kruk 2011, 2013)

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