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The UK Government has received 4.6 billion pounds in selling arms to Saudi Arabia since the war in Yemen began 29th November 2017

UK dangerously complicit in Yemen crisis, says ex-Tory minister 21st November 2017

Is Saudi Arabia The Worst Country in The World? 13th November 2017


Saudi Arabia arrests 11 princes & dozens of ministers 4th November 2017

Qatar, Saudi Arabia colluded to start Syrian civil war 30th October 2017

Saudi Arabia grants citizenship to humanoid robot 26th October 2017

NSA documents reveal Saudi role in funding terror groups in Syria 25th October 2017

Fallon tells MPs to stop criticising Saudi so we can sell them more weapons 25th October 2017

Scathing criticism of Saudi Arabia at Brussels event 19th October 2017

'To be next Dubai, Libya has to clear 'dead bodies' - UK Foreign Secretary 4th October 2017

Saudi-led coalition placed on UN blacklist 4th October 2017

UK FM Boris Johnson committing mass Yemen war crimes - backing £4.3bn Saudi arms sales 4th October 2017

Stars join calls for ban on UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia 1st October 2017

Russian involvement in Syria turned the tide – Former UK ambassador to Syria 30th September 2017

McDonnell: "Can't sell arms to human rights abusers" 29th September 2017

British to block probe into Saudi war crimes at UN to protect trade 28th September 2017

Saudi dark record exposed 21st September 2017

UK & Saudi Arabia sign military cooperation deal despite protests 21st September 2017

UK-based charity: British arms companies earn billions from Saudi trade during war on Yemen 19th September 2017

“UK arms firms gain over $88bn from S Arabia” 19th September 2017

Majority of Britons oppose UK's arms exports to Saudi Arabia - survey 14th September 2017

Made in Britain, dropped on children: UK weapons sales to war criminals 13th September 2017

Why are Britain and America so eager to support Saudi Arabia? 13th September 2017

Amber Rudd shuts down my speech about HSBC and Saudi Arabia 4th June 2017

Home Office refuses to publish terrorist funding report amid claims it focuses on Saudi Arabia 1st June 2017

9/11, Saudi Arabia, and the 28 Pages 31st August 2017

Tory Amber Rudd accused of 'shutting down' rival questioning government arms deals with Saudi Arabia 5th June 2017

Saudi Arabia is a British creation 12th April 2017

If we don't sell arms to Saudi Arabia, someone else will, says Boris Johnson 26th October 2016