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Nearly 400 join vigilante mob after losing trust in local police 14th November 2018

Met Police sells off £1 BILLION worth of property as cuts lead force to ‘breaking point’ 3rd September 2018

Jon Wedger was live — in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Nobody’s been convicted for the 1,600 deaths in custody. And it just happened again 8th December 2017

Police force will 'probably not' go after shoplifters 30th November 2017

Police numbers to fall 1970s levels as more than 15,000 officers face sack 26th November 2017

Mark Windows With Stunning Report On UK Police Corruption, Evidence Tampering & Harassment! 21st November 2017

Fellow police made my life torture for trying to stop Asian grooming rapists 19th November 2017

Baby P detective sues ‘bully’ police after exposing child abuse and corruption 12th November 2017

Bent Police CAUGHT Crime Farming! (Kent UK) 10th November 2017

Some police forces failing to respond to theft, assault and violent crimes, watchdog finds 9th November 2017

Former Met Police Commissioner 'lied in VIP child abuse interview' 4th November 2017

More than half of police stations will close to the public 1st November 2017

UK’s delayed report on police custody deaths slammed 1st November 2017

Police Perverting the course of Justice 30th October 2017

Police Chase Internet Trolls, Streets Neglected 19th October 2017

Crime rises by 13% in England and Wales 19th October 2017

Three police officers found guilty of misconduct after man dies in cell 18th October 2017

Ex-Thief Is Stunned At The Police NOT Investigating Certain Crimes 16th October 2017

1984: British Police Jail 3,395 In UK For Being 'Politically Incorrect' Online 16th October 2017

Police to stop investigating ‘low-level’ crime in a bid to save £400m 15th October 2017

AI computers could be used to answer 999 calls, detect crimes and identify offenders over the next 10 years. 14th October 2017

Budget cuts mean there are no police officers across all of Cornwall 11th October 2017

Why police forces need to do more to root out sexual predators 9th October 2017

Ted Heath police chief calls for Westminster child-sex ring inquiry 8th October 2017

HUMANITY vs INSANITY #99 : Facial Recognition in the Police State 7th October 2017

Something Very Strange About This Biometric Technology! Sign of the Times Has Begun 3rd October 2017

Body found in lake is confirmed as serving policewoman Leanne McKie 30th September 2017

Anonymous - A Shocking Message for The World... 30th September 2017

Private firms may be given powers to arrest people 28th September 2017

Driver 'shot 10 times by police and dragged from vehicle' on M5 27th September 2017

Chief Constable says force can no longer keep people safe 26th September 2017

‘Credible’ rape claims made against former PM Ted Heath 25th September 2017

National Crime Agency is 'failing to investigate' 25,000 paedophiles downloading child porn 24th September 2017

Met Police chief: My fears about working with paedophile hunters 23rd September 2017

Father of James Herbert, who died in police custody, speaks 22nd September 2017

Report: Police missed opportunities to help man who died in custody 22nd September 2017

Third of police say they want to be armed with guns 22nd September 2017

Met Police officer shoots himself in foot 21st September 2017

Police complaints system 'failing' and 'largely broken' says North Yorkshire police commissioner 20th September 2017

No point reporting rape, says mum of victim whose attacker walked free 20th September 2017

Top police chief reveals officers may work with ‘paedophile hunters’ in the future 19th September 2017

Leicestershire Police fail to record more than 21,000 crimes in a year including rape and grooming 19th September 2017

UK Column News - 18th September 2017

Sent: Monday, September 18, 2017 2:19 PM
Subject: Do you stand under Article 61?

Dear Sara Thornton,

Please will you kindly tell me if you stand under Article 61?

Yours Sincerely

David Mortimer

Nigel Farage Says It's Time To Respond To Terrorism By Arming The Police Force 17th September 2017

Sunday View With Richie Allen 17th September 2017

HUMANITY vs INSANITY #98 - The Advancing Corporate Police State 15th September 2017

Theresa May accused of telling a 'downright lie' by claiming police pay has risen 32% 14th September 2017

"UK breeding ground for terrorists" - MET chief 6th September 2017

The Corporate Police State reaches North Yorkshire 6th September 2017

Kirby Misperton Corporate Police assisting Fracking briefing 5th September 2017

G4S and the Privatisation of British Police 5th September 2017

Families of people who died in police custody failed by system 4th September 2017

Police hold 20 million facial recognition images of UK citizens 30th August 2017

The British Police Farce & Why More Police AREN'T Needed 4th July 2017

Sadiq Khan to shut 50 per cent of police station front counters 22nd June 2017

UK secret services, MI5, MI6, complicit in Manchester Arena terror attack? 26th May 2017

UK Column - The Child Abuse Cover Up - A Police Whistleblower Speaks 26th July 2016

MI6 covered up historic child sex abuse ring discovered during surveillance operation 24th April 2015

Councillors and police accused of having sex with Rotherham victims 4th February 2015

The Disintegration Of Britain 6th June 2014

Rotherham police ripped up child sex abuse files 10th November 2014

Who asked for Clive Driscoll to be removed? 1st November 2014

Police officer took bribes from grooming gang 31st October 2014

Police say sorry to ‘let down’ children 30 September 2014

Police finance chief suspended 28th February 2013

Police witness on perjury charge 1st December 2006

Police will only investigate perjury if told to do so by a judge 14th November 2002

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