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Sent: Monday, December 30, 2013 2:30 PM
Subject: - Freedom of Information Response - not held

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Date:30 December 2013

Dear Sir


Further to your request under the Freedom Of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) for information relating to Request for information relating to child abuse cases I respond as follows.

Under the FOIA any person making a request for information is entitled to receive confirmation as to whether such information exists and is held by the Council, and is entitled to have that information communicated to them except where the requested information falls under one of the relevant exemptions. In such a case the information is deemed to be exempt from the Council’s duty to disclose it.

Following the Council’s assessment of the information and the relevant exemptions, the Council also has a duty to determine whether the release of the information is in the public interest, despite the exemption applied to it.

All FOIA requests are therefore dealt with on a threefold analysis.

1) Whether the Authority can identify the information requested

2) Whether there is an exemption within the FOIA which prevents the information from being released

3) Whether, despite the exemption, it is in the public interest to release the information requested.

Taking this analysis into account I now deal with your request for information.

You requested information pertaining to Request for information relating to child abuse cases and in applying the above threefold test the Authority can confirm that it does not hold the information you have requested. Your request under FOIA has therefore failed in the first instance and should be directed to Leicestershire County Council at

I hope the Authority has answered your request to your satisfaction however, if not please feel free to contact me on the number below should you have any queries in relation to this response. Please note that in responding to further enquiries I can only comment on the information contained within this correspondence and cannot provide any further information that may pertain to an additional FOIA request.

Yours sincerely,

Sue Wright

Information Management Officer, Corporate, Legal Services

Direct Line: 01530 454721

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