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HUMANITY vs INSANITY #105 : Culling the UK Population? 27th May 2018

UK Column - Dying for good health, Dr Lucy Reynolds 12th May 2018

NHS Whistleblower Reports Consultants Committing Mass Fraud. She's Fired, They're Still There! 6th December 2017

Jeremy Hunt's GP recruitment pledge in tatters as 1,000 full-time NHS doctors quit last year 21st November 2017

A&E units, GP surgeries and walk-in centres to close as cash crisis bites 15th November 2017

Here’s how to solve the NHS’s chronic underfunding: legalise cannabis 3rd November 2017

Jonathan Pie: The Great NHS sell off. 29th October 2017

NHS may rent spare rooms for patients in Airbnb-style plan to ease bed crisis 26th October 2017

NHS on verge of a catastrophic Winter crisis 25th October 2017

Companies profiting from privatisation of NHS are unlikely to ever pay tax 17th October 2017

NHS staff to be allowed to quiz patients on their sexuality 15th October 2017

Jeremy Hunt considers barring walk-in patients from A&E 13th October 2017

Increase in NHS mental health staff under the Conservatives 692 people – 0.87 per cent over seven years 11th October 2017

Mentally ill people being detained by Glasgow's health board at all time high 11th October 2017

Richard Branson's Virgin Care has been caught trying to hide safety concerns in a £700m NHS contract 6th October 2017

Tax-funded NHS a Ponzi scheme - minister 2nd October 2017

Tories just handed £55m NHS contract to tax haven firm who 'never paid a penny' in corp tax 2nd October 2017

NHS accused of 'culling the sick' as free transport to dialysis stopped 1st October 2017

NHS saves sperm of transgender teenagers 1st October 2017

Jeremy Hunt to replace GPs with far less qualified, cheaper alternative, 'Physician Associates' 24th September 2017

Just TWO junior doctors left to look after 436 patients as "unsafe" conditions revealed in report 16th September 2017

'Medical opinions ignored' by NHS payment assessor 10th September 2017

GPs quit NHS in England at rate of 400 a month 31st August 2017

Secret Plan To Cut NHS Costs By Cutting Referrals Exposed 31st August 2017

NHS to spend £100m bringing in up to 3,000 GPs from abroad 31st August 2017

NHS 'Is Being Sold Off Without Permission' 29th July 2014

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