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Mum who shook baby walks free from court 12th September 2005

A MOTHER convicted of shaking a crying baby and dumping him in a cot has walked free from court.

Liane Gordon, 26, was admonished a year after admitting culpable and reckless conduct, resulting in severe injury to the child.

Lord Macfadyen had deferred sentence on the mother-of-three who today thanked the judge for giving her "the chance to start over".

Doctors who treated the four-month-old child for bleeding inside his skull had been worried about the possibility of fatal brain damage.

Medical experts at her trial said there was no evidence to suggest that Ms Gordon, of Greenhead Farm, West Saltoun, East Lothian, intended to harm the child and as little as ten seconds of shaking could have been involved. The child has made a full recovery.

She said today: "The relationship I was in at the time wasn't ideal, but what happened has happened and I can't change that. I just have to get on with things.

"I did feel stigma after the trial and some people wouldn't speak to me. But over the last couple of months they have started to get in touch again. I've had a lot of support from family and friends.

"I've three fabulous children who are my life and I've been given the chance to start over by Lord Macfadyen. He gave me a chance and I'm very grateful to him for that."

The High Court in Edinburgh heard last August that the baby appeared unwell when his father tried to give him a bottle on January 20 and later that day he seemed limp.

An ambulance was called and the child was taken to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, where medical staff were "extremely concerned" for his life.

During the days following admission the boy suffered a number of seizures. It was at this time that the police were called in to investigate.

Ms Gordon at first tried to claim that she had fallen while coming downstairs with the baby.

But she later told social workers that she was not able to cope with the baby crying while she was looking after him at a house in Haddington, in East Lothian, in January 2002.

Her mother Cecilia, 45, said: "We have total faith in Liane and always have done. We're proud about the way she has moved on with her life."

Last year's trial had been set back by more than 12 months after Ms Gordon needed hospital treatment over complications from a pregnancy, and suffered from depression.

Her father Alex, 49, said: "We will continue to support Liane. She has been under the microscope but she's proved she is a good mother."

Ms Gordon is studying manual bookkeeping at home and hopes to start a career once her children are old enough for school.

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