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Mother faces jail over baby's death

10th March 2009

A woman is to be sentenced for a "horrific" campaign of cruelty against her two-month-old son who died hours after the last attack.

Former crack addict Claire Biggs, 27, who already had one "at risk" child in care, repeatedly crushed the baby's chest, fracturing numerous ribs without anyone discovering his suffering until it was too late. His right wrist and shoulder were also broken.

Medical experts told Inner London Crown Court "severe" force must have been used each time, causing "extreme pain".

Her live-in lover, Paul Husband, 33, never did anything to stop her or help the tiny baby. Because the cause of Rhys's death could not be established, they could be charged only with child cruelty. Biggs, of Greengate Street, Newham, east London, claimed Husband was the culprit and branded him a "murderer".

Biggs was convicted on the basis of "wilful assault" and injuring her son. Husband was found guilty on a "wilful neglect" alternative for ignoring the baby's obvious pain and failing to get him medical assistance.

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