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'Women are destroying marriage' 19th October 2017

Female same-sex marriages more likely to end in divorce than male ones, figures reveal 18th October 2017

Unmarried men 'a problem' for society, says Iain Duncan Smith 4th October 2017

Married couples missing out on 'more than £1.3 billion' by failing to claim tax break 23rd September 2017

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Deviant behaviour – Gay marriage and adoption 2nd Febuary 2013

UK government formally launches same-sex marriage legislation 25th January 2013

100-year-low as Britons fall out of love with marriage 11th February 2010

Getting married? It could end in divorce in ten years 28th March 2008

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Conservatives Back Marriage 6th March 2007

Can't Find a Husband? 26th February 2007

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Sunday Times reveals results of poll on marriage and divorce 14th January 2007

Conservatives to renew their marriage vows 11th December 2006

Marriage 'keeps families united' 7th September 2006

Just as marriage is coming back in vogue 24th August 2006

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