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Japanese & British Data Show Vaccines Cause Autism

Just months following the US Court of Federal Claims rejection of the claim that the MMR vaccine causes autism, here you will see data from formal peer refereed medical papers showing that vaccines caused autism in British and in Japanese children and will be doing the same to children around the world. The number of Japanese children developing autism rose and fell in direct proportion to the number of children vaccinated each year.

As many as 1 in 86 British children are now being diagnosed with autism: Baird et Al Prevalence of disorders of the autism spectrum in a population cohort of children in South Thames: the Special Needs and Autism Project (SNAP); Lancet 2006;368:210 –15.

This means:- every day 19 British children develop autism as a result of vaccines this is 7000 a year at this rate we are facing a future of nearly 600,000 British children and adults with autism 19 a day is based on a rate of 1 in 86 British kids developing autism: [Baird 2006 - see above] an annual birth rate of 600,000 per annum

As autism affects 4 times as many boys as girls, 1 in every 54 boys will be on the Autistic Spectrum. That is an horrific prospect for any prospective parent.

This also means 1 in 215 girls are affected.

1 in 54 comes from Baird 2006's figure of 116.1 in 10,000. The calculation is as follows:-

4 x 116.1
5 5000

4/5ths of the 116.1 are boys and approx 5000 of the 10,000 children affected will be boys.

Regrettably, it seems it falls to those of us with a proper scientific training and professional rigour who have to inform the government and its officials and advisors when it should be, but regrettably is not, the other way around.

Additionally, on risk/benefit, the British government is acting on unscientific data which is 48 years out of date, as can be seen from the information found here and which is from accurate official data and formally published sources:-

Risk to Children & Government Scaremongering

You will also see from the information found at the above link that giving children mumps and rubella vaccines is clearly unethical and may amount to a criminal offence. You will also appreciate that in the light of the up to date figures on risk, we have approached a position where the position may well be similar in relation to measles.

Further, British doctors are ignorant of and failing to apply appropriate simple treatments for measles cases, which treatments are published in the formal reviewed literature and proven in double blinded RCTs. It is likely their failures are what result in measles cases developing into the extremely rare serious cases.

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