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Storm Brian/Ireland/70MPH Winds Tonight/Solar Update 20th October 2017

Hurricane Ophelia: Manmade Creation 17th October 2017

New Huge Wave Pulse from Antarctica with Another Wild Looking Anomaly 16th October 2017

Three dead and 360,000 properties without power as Storm Ophelia hits Ireland 16th October 2017

Hurricane Ophelia images captured by Nasa 16th October 2017

School's roof ripped off by high winds in Cork 16th October 2017

Ophelia storm: Burning smell and strange skies reported in Devon and Cornwall 16th October 2017

More Proof That They Are Experimenting Controlling Hurricanes and Weather 15th October 2017

Ireland issues highest possible warning over Hurricane Ophelia 14th October 2017

Hurricane Ophelia - proof of electromagnetic manipulation 14th October 2017

Latest: Hurricane Ophelia upgraded to Category 3 as Status Red warning issued 14th October 2017

Hurricaine Ophelia To Hit The UK Next Week 13th October 2017

Further proof of Nexrad Guiding the Eye of the storm... 4 in a Row! (Hurricane Nate) 8th October 2017

Fastest Moving Gulf Hurricane Ever/Full Update 7th October 2017

Hurricane Nate Prompts States of Emergency In US Southeast, Evacuation In New Orleans 7th October 2017

Hurricane Nate/85 MPH 7th October 2017

Nate Strengthens/Moving at 21 MPH/Hurricane Warnings Issued 6th October 2017

New storm Aggressively to threaten US mainland 6th October 2017

Hurricane Nate/Sat. Night Impact/MS/LA 6th October 2017

Hurricane Update/Nate Headed for LA/MS 5th October 2017

Huge Wave Anomaly Stretches From Antarctica to US East Coast 5th October 2017

Hurricane Maria - Puerto Rico: Detail of Manmade Destruction 28th September 2017

UK set to be hit by SUPERSTORM following Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Lee 26th September 2017

Hurricane Maria, Weather Warfare, And Military Bases 22nd September 2017

Watch How Category 5 Hurricane Maria is Now Getting Closer To Puerto Rico 19th September 2017

Weaponized Hurricane Maria to Slam Puerto Rico 19th September 2017

Hurricane Maria Causes "Widespread Devastation" In Dominica As It Races Toward Puerto Rico 19th September 2017

Hurricane Maria causes 'widespread devastation' on Caribbean island of Dominica 19th September 2017

Hurricane Maria becomes 'extremely dangerous' Category 5 storm as it bears down on Caribbean islands battered by Irma 19th September 2017

Hurricane Maria Upgraded to Category 5 Storm In Caribbean 18th September 2017

Hurricane Maria/Cat.3/Cat 4 by 8pm.Jose/Boston 18th September 2017

FEMA CIA, DEA, FBI Hunting- MURDERING PEOPLE !!! WITNESS !!! ~MIRRORED 18th September 2017

ALERT NEWS TODAY'S Weather, Hurricane Forecast, Solar Watch, Polar Vortex 17th September 2017

Piers Corbyn "Hurricane Irma Is Definitive Proof That The Sun And NOT Co2 Is Driving Climate." 12th September 2017

Controlling Hurricanes: Harvey, Irma, And Now Jose? 11th September 2017

Shocking Pictures & Footage Of The Destruction Caused By Hurricane Irma 10th September 2017

Britain faces its own hurricane scare as country is set to be hit by up to three tropical storms this autumn with 100mph winds 10th September 2017

NASA: Hurricane IRMA From Space 10th September 2017

Hurricane irma dries out entire beach in bahamas, All that water heading for florida 9th September 2017

IRMA Shifts Course Toward Tampa, Water Vanishes In Bahamas, Jose Strengthens 9th September 2017

Incredible View of Irma from USAF Hurricane Hunters 8th September 2017

PROOF! Hurricane IRMA and Jose MANMADE! HAARP Chemtrails Conspiracy 8th September 2017

Will Irma Cause 2 Fukushimas In South Florida 7th September 2017

Hurricane Irma Could Blanket the Entire State of Florida & East Coast 7th September 2017

Hurricane Irma: Obvious Manmade Origin 4th September 2017