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Permitted Development and Fracking - 30min Parliamentary Debate 12th September 2018

Have BARCLAYS BANK already FRACKED Kirby Misperton ...?? 1st December 2017

BARCLAYS BANK : On the Cusp of a TOXIC FRACKING NIGHTMARE! 27th November 2017

Boom in renewables weakens fracking's case in UK, says Tory MP 26th November 2017

Joe Corre & Joe Boyd share their thoughts on the INEOS Injunction Ruling 23rd November 2017

Fracking firm wins extension to 'draconian' protest injunction 23rd November 2017

New Report Exposes Shocking Scale Of Police Brutality Against Anti-Fracking Protestors 21st November 2017

Update from Kirby Misperton FRACK Pad, North Yorks ... A Disaster waiting to Happen? 20th November 2017

Anti Fracking protest in Ellesmere Port 18th November 2017

Meeting cancelled due to fracking protestors 15th November 2017

Green Party co-leader removed from frack site entrance by police 10th November 2017

'Time to drop this obsession with fracking... We don’t want to be the ‘dirty man of Europe’' 10th November 2017

FRACKING NIGHTMARE : Episode 113 9th November 2017

Farmers against Fracking urge land-owners to support anti-fracking cause 8th November 2017

Over £180,000 of YOUR money wasted protecting Tax Haven based Fracking Firm in Yorkshire 7th November 2017

Fire Brigade Union supports Anti Fracking protesters in Kirby Misperton 4th November 2017

Hundreds in anti-fracking union march 4th November 2017

Tory Peer throws down fracking challenge amid fears over tourism and 'unproven technology' 2nd November 2017

Moves to curb democratic fracking protests in the UK 'extremely worrying' 31st October 2017

Yorkshire village takes on Swiss petrochemical giant over fracking injunction 29th October 2017

Vivienne Westwood: "Fracking would be disaster for UK" 27th October 2017

Environment matters more than fracking 26th October 2017

Protestors want fracking ban for England 25th October 2017

Pollutants from fracking could pose health risk to children, warn researchers 25th October 2017

Campaigners pledge to put their lives on the line as fracking operation edges closer 23rd October 2017

D-Day looms on the fracking front line of Kirby Misperton 21st October 2017

Village fracking a no-go, warns Lord Howell 21st October 2017

Campaigners scale rig to stage sky-high fracking protest 21st October 2017

Protesters lock-on at Preston New Road 20th October 2017

People are claiming a fracking company contaminated their drinking water. 19th October 2017

First people prosecuted over North Yorkshire fracking to appear in court 19th October 2017

Anti-fracking campaigners lock themselves to tower in Kirby Misperton 16th October 2017

Fracking site protesters are fighting for all of our futures 14th October 2017

What exactly is fracking, and should we be scared of it? 13th October 2017

Iron Grip Of Law: UK Police drag 85yo disabled woman across street at peaceful protest 13th October 2017

Disabled 85-year-old woman dragged across busy road by police at fracking protest 11th October 2017

Tea lady, 79, supplying anti-fracking protesters is forcibly removed 10th October 2017

Action is needed to protect democracy 8th October 2017

FRACKING NIGHTMARE - Episode 112 : Examining UK POLICE Aggression 7th October 2017

Fracking to begin in UK 'within weeks' 5th October 2017

Fracking is Banned - FMQ's 5th October 2017

Do you agree with a total ban on fracking in Scotland? 5th October 2017

Theresa May: 'Fracking has a role to play' 4th October 2017

Look North take on todays news about the Ban on fracking in Scotland. 3rd October 2017

Kirby Misperton fracking protests: Man charged with police assault 3rd October 2017

The North Yorkshire Police FARCE & their ABUSE of North Yorks FIRE SERVICE 3rd October 2017

Scottish government backs fracking ban 3rd October 2017

Slinging mud: inside (and outside) the UK's biggest fracking site 2nd October 2017

Police officer injured at fracking site 2nd October 2017

Maryland becomes third state to ban fracking 1st October 2017

Revealed: SNP will ban fracking in Scotland 1st October 2017

POLL: Following week of protests at fracking site, should fracking be allowed in Yorkshire? 29th September 2017

Ian Rowland Crane from Kirby Misperton 29th September 2017

Ian Crane: Fracking 'Could Be a Red Herring' for Nuclear Waste Disposal Racket 28th September 2017

Convoy of farmers today join fracking protest 26th September 2017

Eddie phones in during the Radio York interview with Chief Constable Dave Jones 23rd September 2017

FIFTY police officers sent to a few dozen aging protesters 23rd September 2017

The Assault on the fundamentals of UK Democracy 22nd September 2017

As arrests continue, there's only one chance to get it right over fracking 22nd September 2017

Peaceful Protector Assaulted by North Yorks Police Inspector 22nd September 2017

Two Unlawful arrests at KM8 20th September 2017

Caroline Lucas tells heavy-handed police that ‘history will be their judge’ at protest against Tory fracking plans 19th September 2017

Ian Rowland Crane is live from THIRD ENERGY 's KM8 FRACK Pad, Kirby Misperton 19th September 2017

Green Party leaders visit Fylde fracking site 18th September 2017

John McDonnell MP
Visited the Preston New Road anti-fracking protesters today in Blackpool.
Labour will ban fracking when we go into government. 15th September 2017

FRACKING NIGHTMARE - Episode 111 14th September 2017

Police remove Protectors from anti-#fracking blackade at Third Energy #frack site, North Yorkshire. 14th September 2017

Campaigner to fight Ineos in court over order curbing fracking protests 11th September 2017

UK FRACKING Regulators mean well ... BUT are Toothless! 8th September 2017

Frackers THIRD ENERGY breach their Traffic Management Plan ... on DAY ONE! 7th September 2017

The Corporate Police State reaches North Yorkshire 6th September 2017

Kirby Misperton Corporate Police assisting Fracking briefing 5th September 2017

Campaigners launch last-ditch appeal to stop fracking in Lancashire 29th August 2017

Fracking is a danger to public health & must be stopped. 9th August 2017

Fracking can contaminate rivers and lakes with radioactive material, study finds 12th July 2017

Fracking is linked to asthma increase, study finds 19th July 2016

Toxic chemicals found in bodies of residents near fracking site 14th July 2016

UK fracking firm plans to dump wastewater in the sea 15 June 2016

Scientists find fracking contaminated Wyoming water after EPA halted study 7th April 2016

Fracking Health Risks For Mothers, Babies: Premature Births, At-Risk Pregnancies Linked To Fracking, Data Review Finds
10th September 2015

Voices from the Gasfields : It started with just ONE well 1st May 2015

New York state to ban fracking over 'red flags' to public health 17th December 2014

Fracking Linked to Miscarriages, Birth Defects and Infertility 8th December 2014

List of 78 Chemicals Used in Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid in Pennsylvania 10th June 2010

Make Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) illegal in the UK