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'I haven't seen my little girl for 2 years but I won't stop fighting' 8th November 2017

Dads in London 16th October 2017

Two bouncers, one protester: minister for men campaign kicks off 12th October 2017

Manchester to London Walk 11th September 2017

New Court Rule Further Marginalizes British Dads, Guardian Enthuses 23rd January 2017

Fathers’ Roles in the Care and Development of Their Children: The Role of Pediatricians 10th June 2016

'Mummy-centric' society is freezing us out 17th March 2014

Stowe Blog Reveals Profound Anti-Father Bias 6th March 2014

The £49bn bill we pay for children who can't celebrate Father's Day 15th June 2013

New laws do not go far enough, claim fathers' groups 23rd July 2013

Study of Men’s Falling Income Cites Single Parents 20th March 2013

UK Men are becoming 'disadvantaged group' 19th March 2013

Families need fathers claims study 12th February 2013

“The End of Fatherhood Means the End of Civilized Society” 9th January 2013

The Tragedy Of Fatherless Homes 14th November 2012

Had Matt O’Connor not existed, there would have been the same lack of progress 1st November 2012

Man wins damages against wife's false allegations 28th October 2012

Father contributes more to a child's development than mother 14th June 2012

Why growing up without a dad can store up future problems 21st May 2012

“New Fathers,” Gender Attitudes, and Father Involvement in American Families 21st September 2011

Businessman sues BA 'for treating men like perverts' 16th January 2010

Third of family break-up children lose contact with fathers 16th November 2009

Baby does best with dad off work, study finds 6th March 2007

To demonise divorced dads is a distraction 28th February 2007

Fathers the key to child behaviour 15th February 2007

IVF father figure clause is to go 14 December 2006

Prime suspect 7th November 2006

Fathers and Gender Traditionalism 1st November 2006

Kids hang on to dad's every word 20th October 2006

Father Absence by James Williams 10th October 2006

Stay at Home Fathers: Masculinity, Family, Work & Gender Stereotypes 2006

Fathers are 'ignored', says study 7th March 2004

Absent fathers linked to teenage pregnancies 15th May 2003

Father time 27th October 2003

The meaning of fatherhood for men 17th January 1997


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