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One million fuel-poor families will not be able to meet basic needs this winter, study reveals 17th November 2017

Film Director Exposes The True Hollywood Agenda 7th October 2017

UK faces 'winter of discontent' after record numbers of families fall below poverty line, experts warn 21st September 2017

UK Government admits it has acted unlawfully for the past twenty years with respect to the Family 14th June 2015

So-called 'turned around' troubled families 5th May 2014

Parents who emotionally abuse their children could face 10 years in jail 30th March 2014

Family breakdown 'could cost taxpayers £46bn' 4th March 2014

Secret adoption register opened to would-be parents 1st March 2014

Church of Scotland says child guardian plan would 'diminish' the family 18th February 2014

How Single Motherhood Hurts Kids 8th February 2014

Socialization and gender roles within the family 10th Feburary 2011

Third of family break-up children lose contact with fathers 16th November 2009

Tories identify family as battleground with tax cuts for married couples 9th July 2007

Two-parent families are big tax credit losers 14th June 2007

Family instability and child well being 30th March 2007

Blair rules out tax breaks as way to solve problems facing poorest 28th February 2007

Row over family values splits Cabinet 25th February 2007

Teenage gang shootings blamed on family breakdown 23rd February 2007

One in five couples on verge of break-up, poll says 8th January 2007

Lib Dems attack benefits culture 19th December 2006

Couples lie to claim an extra £400m 18th December 2006

We all know family breakdown is destroying us. Don't talk, fix it 11th December 2006

Tories warn on couple break-ups 8th December 2006

Britain's high dole money 'pushing families to break up' 3rd December 2006

Shift parenting 'hurts families' 26th November 2006

One 'problem family' costs £250,000 a year 3rd September 2006

Harman makes family agenda plea 30th January 2006

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