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Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2014 3:27 PM
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Dear Mr. Mortimer

I refer to your FOI request and provide below Falkirk Council’s response.

Please will you kindly tell me what the (a) gender and (b) familial relationship was to the child victim of offenders in substantiated child abuse cases in the area which you have a duty to protect children from abuse for the last full year which figures are available, broken down by (i) physical abuse, (ii) emotional abuse, (iii) sexual abuse and (iv) cases of neglect.

The data for every substantiated child abuse case cannot be broken down into the factors requested. The following information is available for children who were made subject to Child Protection plans.

Falkirk Council Registered 91 unborn babies and children in the period 01.01.13 to 31.01.13.

Neglect – 18 - (9 mother, 7 both biological parents, 2 aunt)

Emotional Abuse 3 – (1 father, 2 mother’s male partner)

Physcial Abuse 7 – (3 father, 2 both biological parents, 2 mother’s male partner)

Sexual Abuse 1 – (1 male sibling)

More than one form of abuse/combinations of the above:

62 – (15 mother, 11 father, 29 both biological parents, 7 mother’s male partner).

I trust this information will be of assistance to you.

Please refer to the enclosed leaflet which explains your right to complain about the handling of your case or the decision made.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Davies

Service Manager

Children & Families

cc Nicola Kerr

Kathy McCarroll


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