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700,000 men were victims of domestic abuse in a year 23rd November 2017

Domestic violence victims 'sleeping rough' after refuges closed 21st October 2017

Women's Aid misleading the all party group on domestic violence 20th September 2017

Government supports scheme for male abuse victims 27th September 2017

President of Family Division Revised PD12J Domestic Abuse comes into force on 2nd October 2017

Crown Prosecution Service Makes Ground Breaking Statement Supporting Male Victims Of Abuse 8th September 2017

Jealous woman pretended to be police officer for years to control ex 2nd September 2017

Dr. Don Dutton on Domestic Abuse Models & Improving Social Policy 1st September 2017

Studies Show Lesbians Much More Likely to Beat, Sexually Abuse Their Wives Than Heterosexual Men 15th August 2017

MoJ do not know how many are convicted of making false allegations 27th March 2013

New study on male victims of domestic violence by Donald G. Dutton 2013

Two million have experienced domestic abuse in last twelve months 11th February 2013

RCMP challenge woman's abuse claims 2nd February 2013

Rihanna Defends Chris Brown Relationship: ‘We Value Each Other’ 30th January 2013

The 'Daphne Programme' discriminates against men 29th January 2013

How the latest research on violence in teenage relationships should inform social work practice 28th January 2013

Mom Who Hired Hit on Husband Walks Free 27th January 2013

This Convention ONLY addresses violence against women 27th January 2013

Data shows domestic violence, rape an issue for gays 27th January 2013

Ministry of Justice do not collect information on false allegations of DV 14th January 2013

MK DV Forum confirms no support for male victims 21st November 2012

Canada's only family violence shelter for male victims 28th October 2012

Welsh Men Speak Out as Victims of Domestic Violence 26th September 2012

Domestic Violence Myths by Robert Whiston

Another closet 8th January 2007

How many men and women were convicted of DV offences 7th December 2006

Violent crime by women up 50 per cent in past 4 years 1st September 2006

Girl bullies 'often bad mothers' 11th July 2006

Survey finds male abuse approval 18th June 2006

Early violence exposure doesn't raise future risk 24th May 2006

Dominance and symmetry in partner violence in 32 nations 23rd May 2006

Presumed guilty of domestic violence on a balance of probability 10th April 2006

NSPCC ignores its own research which showed mothers are more violent 2nd March 2006

RESPECT follows the feminist paradigm which says only men are abusers 2006

British girls among most violent in world 23rd January 2006

Record numbers of men are being hit by their stressed-out wives and girlfriends 13th November 2005

Violence blamed on teenage mums 16th October 2005

Domestic Violence is a social issue, not a gender problem 8th October 2005

Statistics not collected on how many people make false allegations of DV 19th July 2005

Home office DV statistical bulliten July 2005

Domestic violence blamed for rise in violent crime 12th July 2005

Charlie O'Neil gender specific domestic violence policies 11th May 2005

Domestic violence meeting at the Home Office on Tuesday 26th April 2005

BV 225 DV definitions discriminate against men 1st April 2005

Cathy Jamieson gender specific domestic violence policies 29th March 2005

CPS launches revised Domestic Violence Policy 1st February 2005

The hidden victims 6th January 2005

Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 15th November 2004

Battered husbands trapped by shame 11th November 2004

Legislating vice and demonising virtue Daily Mail - 23rd October 2004

'Ladettes' clog casualty units after catfights 19th September 2004

Domestic violence costs '£23bn' 1st September 2004

Wives who kill may be spared life sentences 31st October 2003

Revealed: why it’s normal to be a violent young man 10th August 2003

Emotional intelligence - Sometimes she hits him 18th June 2003

Girls are now bigger bullies than boys 10th November 2002

Man beaters behind closed doors 19th November 2000

Women are more violent, says study 12th November 2000

Prone to Violence by Erin Pizzey October 1982

A change would be in the best interests of children.