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Men vs divorce 9th December 2017

Study: One in Seven Divorces Involving Children Ends Badly 3rd December 2014

Co-Parenting After Divorce by Edward Kruk 9th March 2013

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Socio-economic impact of divorce and family breakdown Netherlands 31st January 2013

Divorced from Reality By Stephen Baskerville June 2009

Children's divorce fears 'go up' 5th January 2009

Agony aunts give advice to minister 18th December 2008

Tories to make it harder to divorce 16th November 2008

How to do a good divorce 15th October 2008

Divorce still damaging to children despite being more acceptable 8th July 2008

Law Commission drags heels on divorce reform 16th June 2008

Rising divorce tide threatens 1 in 2 couples 28th March 2008

Five Myths about No-Fault Divorce by Stephen Baskerville 6th March 2008

How to turn a free people into slaves 15th January 2008

Millionaire regrets marrying 'career divorcee' 24th December 2007

Divorcee seeks change in law to protect her home 14th November 2007

Pay me £50m by Friday or I'll see you in court, Heather tells Macca 18th October 2007

Bid to reduce court divorce cases 15th October 2007

Family judges campaign to take the bitterness and costs out of divorce 4th October 2007

Divorce rate at lowest for decades 31st August 2007

Man ordered to help ex-wife who spent her divorce cash 28th June 2007

Need a child-friendly dad? Then get divorced 19th June 2007

Government ‘must protect children from divorce harm’ 12th June 2007

Unmarried couples get equal rights on ‘divorce’ 11th June 2007

Divorcees may have assets taken to fund an ex-spouse’s debts 10th May 2007

Women to receive less in divorce settlements 14th April 2007

How equality meant the end of gender typecasting 11th April 2007

Divorce laws that discredit our system 6th March 2007

Divorce mediation could save millions 2nd March 2007

Divorce - Do women win too much? 22nd February 2007

Divorcing couples are set to fight over assets worth more than 30 billion pounds 18th January 2007

The Divorced Dad’s Handbook 12th January 2007

Divorce better than arguing, say children 8th January 2007

For better, not worse - divorce hits five-year low 1st September 2006

Divorce laws 'are destroying marriage' 26th August 2006

Making divorce humane 26th August 2006

An antiquated system forged in the age of stigma and intolerance 26th August 2006

'Wealthy women set the pace in divorce stakes' 20th August 2006

Couples in their twenties take divorce to new high 1st September 2005

Women happier than men after divorce, study shows 4th July 2005

Children of divorced parents are more likely to end their own marriages 2nd July 2005

Divorce mediation scheme flops 27th June 2005

Divorcing parents ‘cost billions’ 22nd June 2005

Do dads get a raw deal on divorce 20th May 2004

Divorce as Revolution By Stephen Baskerville 22nd July 2003

'Divorce Dissent' By Ruth Deech 1994

The Pellman brief 2nd September 1993

A change would be in the best interests of children.