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Gordon Bowden 25th November 2017

The answers to those behind the murder of Dr David Kelly can be found in Hansard June 22nd 1993 Starting from Column 197, Question by Lord Douglas Hoyle and Derby south MP Margaret Beckett to Conservative Bench Who? Was the donor of £17.8 million into the near empty Tory Accounts to enable the Conservative Party to fight the 1992 General Election, the Conservative Bench refused to answer. It was, John Arnold Bredenkamp, kleptomaniac covert arms trader and Fraud Mining Company Mineral Theft Ring fixer. The Hansard record is the Money Trail to the biggest Political missing nuclear weapons scandal in British History. John Arnold Bredenkamp, close friend of BMARC Director Sir Mark Thatcher “Scratcher”. John Arnold Bredenkamp lived a few doors from the Thatcher family residence.

Now if there is justice for Dr David Kelly they should have a public inquiry and interrogate both Lord Douglas Hoyle and Beckett, then the Dr David Kelly, Sir Kenneth Warren, David Cameron, Pelindaba nuclear weapons scandal, will do what Guy Fawkes failed to achieve. It will blow the Government, Parliament and the house of Lords to pieces.

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