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Avoid Paying Child Support Legally

Child support legal loophole is closed 29th October 2017

Outstanding child maintenance arrears amount to £3.8 billion 25th February 2013

Parents pursued for old debts 8th March 2009

Child support changes could hit 25% of lone parents, warns charity 28th October 2008

Government plans £50m replacement for Child Support Agency IT 1st September 2008

Dads - the new terrorists? 2nd June 2008

Child Maintenance and Other Payments Act 2008

Absent fathers risk raid on shares 11th May 2008

Almost 750,000 children benefit with a record £1billion in child maintenance collected or arranged 30th April 2008

DIY child support deals will hurt lone parents, warn campaigners 2nd March 2008

Child Support Agency IT system 10 years late 22nd February 2008

Dad hit by £10,000 child support bombshell 8th February 2008

Child support expert claims ministers have had a ‘nervous breakdown’ 19th January 2008

Father wins £16,000 case against CSA 3rd January 2008

CSA to get tough with absent parents 2nd January 2008

Sperm donor to pay child support 3rd December 2007

Child Support Agency tries again to fix core systems 20th November 2007

Unpaid child maintenance targeted 23rd September 2007

Discredited CSA finally replaced 7th November 2007

Parents waiting five years for child support 15th October 2007

'£850m wasted on years of CSA reforms' 10th July 2007

CSA fiasco 8th July 2007

Father jailed for refusing to pay child maintenance despite ex-wife’s support 26th June 2007

Absent parents shamed on website 6th June 2007

Single mother launches CSA test case 9th May 2007

Failing CSA paid £25m in bonuses 9th February 2007

Dad jailed in CSA battle 7th February 2007

What total amount of additional unpaid maintenance has been recovered 18th December 2006

Tough new powers on child support 13th December 2006

Child support ministers may write off £1.2bn 12th December 2006

Runaway fathers to be shamed 10th December 2006

CSA will fail to meet its backlog target, Tories claim 25th October 2006

Suicide cliff man ridden by debt 22nd August 2006

'The CSA not only ended my father's life, it ruined mine, too' 30th July 2006

Appeal against a CSA liability order 9th March 2006

Child Support Agency to replace ‘deadbeat’ Dads 28th February 2006

Child Support Agency forced to pay back wrongly accused men 28th November 2005

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