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This is the starting postulate, the premise of all official propaganda, which justifies all restrictive government measures: isolation, confinement, quarantine, mandatory masks, color codes by country and travel bans, tracking, social distances in companies, stores and even, even more importantly, in schools.

This misuse of RT-PCR technique is used as a relentless and intentional strategy by some governments, supported by scientific safety councils and by the dominant media, to justify excessive measures such as the violation of a large number of constitutional rights, the destruction of the economy with the bankruptcy of entire active sectors of society, the degradation of living conditions for a large number of ordinary citizens, under the pretext of a pandemic based on a number of positive RT-PCR tests, and not on a real number of patients.

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Dr. Thomas Binder is a highly respected cardiologist based in Baden, Switzerland. He has paid a big price for questioning the lockdown measures and publicly criticising the controversial PCR test. Thomas tells Richie that the measures used to tackle the virus, will have far greater consequences for public health than any virus could. He also speculates as to the real agenda behind the unnecessary lockdown. This is a must-listen.

Sent: Wednesday, November 4, 2020 5:11 PM
Subject: Notice of Indictment of crimes against humanity and the economic terrorist attack and genocide agenda perpetrated on the United Kingdom

Dear Ben Everitt,

Notice of Indictment of crimes against humanity and the economic terrorist attack and genocide agenda perpetrated on the United Kingdom

As a standing MP your party has openly supported an economic terrorist attack on the United Kingdom by supporting ministers acting dishonestly and Ultra Vires to destroy the country’s ability to defend itself from this attack by implementing rules that have devastating and long term implications, which in addition disable any form of resistance to their crimes breaching all other primary legislation. This action combined serves to assist the subterfuge of the known asymmetrical attack on our countries.

Your party`s full support of the deployment of 5G (DEW) a direct energy weapon system on the streets of the United Kingdom and the UN resilient SMART City agenda to reduce Carbon dioxide emissions that increases the biological life threatening toxic untested unregulated uninsurable radiation densification in breach of the 2012 Social Care Act. This illegal, unlawful increase in radiation pollution has been planned to utilize the known contaminated vaccination (Bio weapon) to increase the toxicity of the radiation pollution using metal nano particulates and various pathogens that are activated using electromagnetic radiation frequencies. The deployment and agenda is in breach of a number of domestic and international laws and is a well-planned mass genocide that includes your family, friends and constituents. The depopulation agenda of the five eyes Countries in particular are part of a China based drive to pursue a communist takeover of the democracies across the west while creating the financial dependency on the attacker all required to control and subdue the western capitalist economic system and its ability to resist their military and technological might.

Your possible ignorance of this well planned attack on the country by foreign forces, might explain your inability to contribute to the stopping of it. You might for example be unaware of China grooming British elites through the 48 Group as well as the dissemination of propaganda by the(WHO) World Health Organisation, as well as subversion by infiltration through common purpose agents embedded in the NHS, NMC, BBC, PHE, OFCOM and in various academic institutions that have been shown fabricating and overstating the virus statistics to terrorize the population after watching the Vaccine 5G weapon tests in WUHAN China causing mass casualties and death.

There are concerted efforts by many in these organisations to pervert and conceal the published peer reviewed science and replace it with pseudo-science all part of their terrorist propaganda to wage a memetic war of disinformation via social media and the national press in order to discredit the main scientific consensus on the dangers of untested unlicensed uninsurable technologies fostered onto populations in breach of the law.

We have the Prima Facie evidence of these crimes against the people within the planned terroristic agenda supported by your party machine, which includes strategies which until now you may not have been aware of. These political strategies are in breach of the 2000 Terrorism act and part 1 of the 2006 Terrorism act.

a. Part 1 a - Encouragement of terrorism

b. Dissemination of terrorist publications

c. Preparation of terrorist acts

d. Section 9 making and possessions of devices or materials.

e. Section 11 terrorist threats, relating to devices, materials or facilities.

Agents of the plan outlined, have falsified Corona virus statistics using a contaminated PCR test that both the official scientists relevant ministers and test manufacturers have all admitted does not even establish the presence of the so-called ‘Virus’ whose actual existence has never been properly established by controlled virological isolation of a purified viral isolate. This strategy has been used as a false basis to shut down the country as part of the 201 pre-planned lock step lock down agenda. An agenda calculated to destroy the country’s economy to shut down the legal system to stymie all potential redress while simultaneously attacking our democracy, legal rights and freedoms. You have been told this lock down is only a temporary measure until the virus can be contained. This temporary measure narrative is a deception and you have been lied to. The planned lock down will not cease until the Country our democracy and laws are totally destroyed to enable the communist dictatorship and genocide to occur.

The Executive branch and its foreign supporters including the World economic Forum (WEF) have lain out their fourth industrial revolution in 2019 a subterfuge to usher in the Fourth Reich by the same financial supporters of the Third Reich using China as the neo fascist dictatorship hub for the facilitation of the democratic take down using weaponized technologies including artificial intelligence advanced robotics, gene editing technologies that interface with the 5G network to spy, control and attack the environment and population.

This notice is to inform you of the subterfuge of this well planned and thought out collective crime in breach of a number of domestic and international laws as already stated, with a view to the issuing of international arrest warrants against those who continue their support of this genocidal agenda on the people of the United Kingdom using the Police to enforce the illegal and unlawful lockdown and destruction of the wests economic system.

Key factors in creating pathological blood coagulation (DIC) and lung disease (SARS – COV) are Radiation pollution and lower Oxygen intake, both of which detrimentally affect the immune system.

The mask wearing dictate has no robust scientific basis to its introduction and no known safety benefits to the population only the opposite as it inhibits Oxygen. Masks in relation to virus size have no safety benefit to the wearer. The virus particulates are smaller than the smallest mesh size of the best masks so masks only create a false sense of health security. The masks are advocated under the guise of a pseudo -science agenda of agents operating without question in government and media organisations to cause sickness across the country increasing pneumonia and corona virus symptoms.

Microwave radiation is a known immune system suppressor. In addition microwave radiation triggers the same kinase pathways to cell morbidity as viruses can trigger – the symptoms being the same are wrongly attributed to corona virus statistics as the post mortems results of victims confirm the radiation pollution link.

The discovered nano metal contaminants in vaccines increase the toxicity of this radiation due to their localised antenna radiation and their dialectic property effects - bringing about microwave hotspots inside the brains of victims.

This tyrannical government can only carry on this agenda with your collaboration and support. You are not immune to the planned agenda and in fact a target of it. Under their terroristic plan, democracy is dismantled. The requirement for voting and your contingent position as a representative of the people you once served to become utterly obsolete.

As a result and in response to this madness truth requires us together to stymie this Chinese centred subterfuge and its agenda of Genocide. It is necessary so to encourage you and others in Parliament to resign from their parties now and join the SaveUsNow party. We know of the system of control within your party to shut down any opposition to their plan and to silence you preventing you from speaking out on behalf of your constituents on these particular matters which is your parliamentary duty.

We are a growing movement of constituents across Great Britain building our resistance against this terrorist agenda so that we can uphold the rule of law, save our democracy, our lives, as well as our well fought for freedoms from the tyranny that has been planned and which is coming if we don’t stop it.

Your duty as the representative of the people in Parliament is to stand up against this attack on our democracy. To uphold the rule of law and our freedoms. If you can’t for whatever reason and we anticipate there may be some who cannot or will not resist the untruth of this tyranny, then you are obliged by truth to stand down. If you can and will stand up, then join us and together we can make a window of opportunity to save the people and save you from what is coming. It is now time for Great Britain and the Great British people to secure our unwritten constitution, our laws and to save our democracy and freedoms.

On behalf of the SaveUsNow party and movement.

Yours Sincerely

David Mortimer

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@SkyNews there’s no #Coronavirus pandemic in the UK. There is only real political tyranny on a fake medical pretext. Resist and Report real news. PCR tests create fake cases via massive false positives, as declining hospitalizations and deaths. Your government is a lying tyranny.

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Sent: Saturday, October 10, 2020 4:09 PM
Subject: Focused protection
Dear Ben Everitt,
Please will you kindly clarify if you are aware thousands of scientists and medical experts have signed a letter calling for the end of lockdown restrictions?
Yours Sincerely
David Mortimer

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9 out of 10 PCR tests give false positives.

The government's scientific adviser today warned that there could be 50,000 new coronavirus cases a day by mid-October without further action. He later claimed that this would result in 200 Covid-19 deaths a day in the UK. Best-selling author, national newspaper columnist and former GP Vernon Coleman tells Richie why this is nonsense.

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Coronavirus sceptics gathered in London on Saturday, September 19 to demonstrate against imposed coronavirus measures.

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Act of Union 1707 ARTICLES 4 and 25, and the Copyright of Your genome I found particularly interesting.

The link between the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the 5G network
The link between the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the 5G network.pdf

Sent: Saturday, September 12, 2020 2:56 PM
Subject: We DO NOT consent to the renewal of the Coronavirus Act

Dear Ben Everitt,

We have serious concerns that the elected government is not acting for the people. As an MP it is your duty to serve the public and protect their interests and the UK. It is clear that this has not been happening since the passing of the Coronavirus Act in March 2020 and we need your help.

We DO NOT consent to the renewal of the Coronavirus Act at its 6 month review in September because that would clearly not be in the public interest. It is not needed, as there is now a mass of information proving that this virus is in no way as severe as the government is making it out to be.


Why did the UK government itself state on the 19th of March, that the Covid19 virus was NOT a "High consequence Infectious Disease", then, on the very same day start the process of the Coronavirus Act 2020 with all its draconian rules and regulations, and going against all medical advice?

Why was this not called the Covid19 Act? as that was the name of the virus which we were supposed to be fighting. Instead, it was named after a group of viruses which include the common cold and Influenza, as well as other viruses for which we have not taken such draconian actions for, or destroyed our economy for?

The Covid19 virus has never been isolated and proven to exist! So why therefore, did the government use the words Covid19 to strike fear into the nation and bringing it to a standstill.

Why did the government give instruction to hospital medical doctors to place Covid19 on death certificates as the cause of death? Even when tests had not been carried out to confirm the actual cause of death? Instead, they advised doctors to include "Died with" and "suspected of having" as actual deaths from Covid19 (a virus that has never even been proven to exist).

Why did the government give instructions to medical staff in hospitals and care homes, to apply "Do Not Resuscitate" (DNR)notices on patients over 45, who were suspected of having Covid19? Also it issued the same instructions on disabled people suspected of having the disease, regardless of age? And why did the government give advice for elderly people in care homes with the disease, not to be admitted to hospitals? THIS IS TANTAMOUNT TO MANSLAUGHTER!

Why is the government using a testing method that cannot detect Covid19 and secondly, was never designed to carry out this function, as stated by its designer and originator? These tests are at best 50% accurate and repeatedly give "false positives".
You are actually not testing for covid19, but testing for Coronavirus which could show positive even when a person has had a common cold or influenza. So why is the Government using this method to perpetuate the fear mongering statistics, and spending billions on future similar testing, wasting tax payer's money just to support its argument. (As stated in Sunday express 06/09/2020)

Why did the government place a gagging order on hospital staff, instructing them not to communicate with the media, under penalty of disciplinary action?

Why has the Government instructed hospitals not to carry out treatments in hospitals during this period, causing the deaths of people with ongoing serious conditions, and causing around an estimated 20,000 avoidable deaths? In addition, the lack of diagnostic tests being carried out by hospitals during the last 6 months is estimated to result in future premature deaths of up to 30,000 people. Together these amount to more deaths than caused by the virus.

Why has the government rolled out laws around the wearing of masks in enclosed spaces, when it has never carried out any risk assessments around the dangers of wearing masks. Evidence around the wearing of masks is scientifically divided, with many saying it can actually be dangerous and cause additional diseases.


Prof Neil Ferguson has been involved with generating projected figures of COVID19 infection and mortality. Ferguson is on the management team of the "Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium". This group is overseen and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In the normal course of things, where experts are advising government on matters, conflicts of interest are meant to be disclosed. Bill Gates (who has no medical qualifications or training) implied in a BBC interview that he treats mass vaccination, and possibly tracking to whom these vaccinations have been administered, as a “business interest.” It appears Professor Ferguson is also involved in this “interest.” and therefore should have never been an advisor to the government.

Prof. Chris Whittey is the UK's Chief medical officer, and involved also in advising the government with regards to the Corona virus. In 2008 he was awarded £38 million by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for Malaria research in Africa. A year later he was appointed Chief Scientific advisor to the Department for International Development.

Prof. Whitty was also part of the government's SAGE committee, which has made recommendations about the duration of the UK's Covid19 lockdown. Concerns are being raised about the intention to keep some of the SAGE activities secret, and the connections and conflict of interest of Prof. Whitty to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

There are also concerns about Mr Hancock having ties to a company called "Babylon healthcare services which promotes an App called "GP at Hand". It has not escaped peoples attention that as part of Covid measures that GP's have vastly increased their use of telephones or remote appointments.


In a government document entitled "Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures" (22nd March 2020) we come across the following:

Perceived threat. "A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened." Action to be taken, "The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased amongst those who are complacent, using hard hitting emotional messaging."

Also stated in this document it says "Use media to increase sense of personal threat", "Consider enacting legislation to compel required behaviours" Consider use of social disapproval for failure to comply."
This document strongly suggests that Government ministers, and/or their advisors, have committed an offense under the UK Terrorism Act .
There are many other instances of inappropriate behaviour and law breaking by this Government which we hold in reserve.


That "WE the PEOPLE of the UNITED KINGDOM, disagree and disapprove, of all the actions taken by the Government with regards to the alleged Covid19 Pandemic.

We request that ALL CURRENT LEGISLATION surrounding the Covid19 pandemic be removed, and life in the UK be returned to normal.

Also, that a full and detailed Public Enquiry be held as soon as possible.

We hold this Government in its entirety, responsible for all avoidable deaths caused by their draconian measures including suicides, for their lies and deceit to the people of this country, and will seek retribution in the courts for their actions.

Signed on behalf of the People of the United Kingdom.

Yours Sincerely

David Mortimer

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Agenda 21

The Richie Allen Show - Monday September 7th 2020

Frequency KILL Zones - Cube/Qube is 5G

Public Health England

Sent: Wednesday, September 2, 2020 5:53 PM
Subject: No Safe Level of Microwave Radiation for Children

Dear Peter Marland,

Please would you let me know if during the lock downs the wifi routers in the schools for which you are responsible, have been upgraded or replaced so that they can receive and transmit 60GHz frequency.

If they have been that could have very serious consequences for the children and then in turn for the council.

I attach a scientific report with regard to the effects of existing wifi at 2.4Ghz - and abstracted from the attached report is the below:

“Each of the effects reported above in from 2 to 11 studies, have an

extensive literature for their occurrence in response to various other

non-thermal microwave frequency EMFs, discussed in detail below.

These include (see Table 1) findings that Wi-Fi exposures produce impacts

on the testis leading to lowered male fertility; oxidative stress;

apoptosis (a process that has an important causal role in neurodegenerative

disease); cellular DNA damage (a process causing cancer and

germ line mutations); neuropsychiatric changes including EEG changes;

hormonal changes.”

The above is serious enough and which relates to current wifi isn’t it ?

The reason I am writing to you about 60Ghz is that you can see also from the attached, that there is a very high absorption rate by the oxygen, 02, molecule at this particular frequency.

There are no safety tests that I am aware of, in relation to the O2 molecules breathed in by human beings as a result of microwaves at 60Ghz transmitted though that air.

Already at levels well below the ICNIRP guidelines the charging of air occurs as set out in the below as reported by a scientist in of international repute the field:

“Using ICNIRP guideline of 1mW/cm2 maximum exposure of 6 minutes - considered by ICNIRP to be safe – this exposure will cause air to be charged. The equivalent of 1mW/cm2 is 61.4eV. The charging of air can occur at levels far below this ICNIRP “safe” level – and already at 13.5eVair is charged. The charging of air is the forming of positive ions which causes oxidation and which is linked to cancer. In addition positively charged air is a noxious gas which can cause breathing difficulties. Such symptoms might be wrongly identified as corona virus symptoms like pulmonary oedema from oxygen starvation due to microwave radiation pollution.”

I sincerely hope the wifi routers have not been upgraded or replaced so that they can receive and transmit the frequency of 60 GHz.

If they have been you may well be conducting an experiment on the children in your borough`s care and this would be a breach of the Nuremberg Code – unless you can provide internationally, independently scientifically verified, accepted and so internationally adopted, peer reviewed and subsequently so validated, safety tests and safety standards ( not guidelines) for the application of 60 Ghz wifi in relation to human physiology, of course.

If you have such documentation please would you make it publicly available for scrutiny.

If not I imagine you will switch off these routers until you do, of course - because without them, if the children are damaged and too if that damage is wrongly identified as covid 19 ( Sars Cov 2) effects, there could be very, very serious implications, would you not say ?

I await your reply which will be kept on record either way – for future reference.

Yours Sincerely

David Mortimer
Attached 1 2 3

Guarded Secrets and Blatant Deceits

Sent: Saturday, August 29, 2020 12:50 PM
Subject: The PCR test maybe identifying chromosome 8 (Human DNA) as COVID
Dear Matt Hancock,
Please will you kindly clarify if there is a risk the PCR test maybe identifying chromosome 8 (Human DNA) as COVID if they look identical?
Yours Sincerely
David Mortimer

Chromosome 8 And PCR Testing