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Why Are Silicon Valley Workers Banning Their Children From Using Tech? 19th November 2018

Smartphone use has radical impact on mental health of teens 23rd November 2017

A thousand nurseries close as free childcare scheme falters 18th November 2017

The disturbing truth about what tablets are doing to children 16th November 2017

Record number of children at risk of abuse or neglect in England 14th November 2017

How toddlers could be going HUNGRY as the Tories "won't obey the law" 6th November 2017

400,000 more children will grow up in poverty if Tory tax & welfare policies continue - IFS 2nd November 2017

Two thirds of baby food products contain arsenic 26th October 2017

Scotland will become the first part of the UK to BAN smacking 19th October 2017

Mums In Prison Explain Why Maintaining A Bond With Their Children Is So Important 17th October 2017

Experts express concerns over infant mental health assessment 11th October 2017

Dan Jarvis: Are levels of poverty falling or rising? 9th October 2017

Cell Tower Radiation Levels At Bullis School Potomac Maryland 9th October 2017

The Tory council that failed its children 4th October 2017

Epilepsy drug risk hidden for 40 years 27th September 2017

Screens, Cell Phones, Wireless and Children's Health: Policy Update 23rd September 2017

Nanotechnology in Food: Dr Ted Broer with Sharon & Austin 22nd September 2017

New Study PROVES Fluoride Is Poisoning Children! - Media FORCED To Vindicate Us! 22nd September 2017

Fluoride exposure in utero linked to lower IQ in kids, study says 19th September 2017

Children at risk of psychogical or physical abuse must not have contact with parent, judges told 16th September 2017

Cornwall named among the worst places to bring up children in the UK 16th September 2017

Scientists and physicians send appeal about 5G rollout and health dangers to the European Union 13th September 2017

Can childhood experience alter DNA? 14th September 2017

5m British children in poverty by end of Tory govt 13th September 2017

Nursery workers ‘could be paid less than the minimum wage’ 5th September 2017


Named Persons to receive just a day of training 3rd September 2017

Children living with one parent ‘more stressed’ 31st August 2017

Named Person, Teachers & Child Abuse #no2np 5th July 2017

“Children should be banned from using mobile phones immediately to stop them from suffering brain tumors.“ 29th December 2016

The Sexualization Of Children Revealed 28th July 2015

Academic Sexualisation of Children 8th March 2015

Rapists and child abusers escape punishment if they say sorry 6th September 2014

New child-neglect laws will criminalise normal aspects of parenting 3rd April 2014

Parents who emotionally abuse their children could face 10 years in jail 30th March 2014

Four in ten children fail to connect with mum and dad 21st March 2014

Desperate parents stealing food to feed their children 1st March 2014

Secret adoption register opened to would-be parents 1st March 2014

How Single Motherhood Hurts Kids 8th February 2014

UK courts must not decide the fate of foreign children, says top judge 15th January 2014

Sexual abuse against primary school age children rises 13th January 2014

MP tells parents suspected of child abuse to flee the country 12th January 2014

'No mercy' for those who fail to protect children 30th June 2013

Barrie Trower (Clip 1 of 14) - Irreparable DNA Damage from Non-Ionising Radiation 11th May 2013

Prof. Olle Johansson on WiFi - "Irreversible sterility within five generations" 10th May 2013

Request for a copy of Barnardo's risk assessment policy 8th March 2013

UK has FIVE times as many 'special needs' pupils as EU average 28th February 2013

Council's child safeguarding service rated inadequate by Ofsted 26th February 2013

Concerns about use of restraint 26th February 2013

Camila Batmanghelidjh: 'I chose the vocation' 22nd February 2013

Same-sex couples cannot provide a ‘warm and safe environment’ for raising children 15th February 2013

Time to 'shatter' the notion that childcare is for mothers, says minister 5th February 2013

Father contributes more to a child's development than mother 14th June 2012

Statistics on looked after children 1st April 2011 to 31st March 2012

The Super-Sexualization of Children: Time to Take Notice 23rd September 2011

Family win 18 year fight over MMR damage to son 28th August 2010

UK to sign UN children convention 19th September 2008

More than 1,000 children jailed for breaching Asbos 25th August 2008

Japanese & British Data Show Vaccines Cause Autism 3rd June 2009

Call to do more to stop child attacks 14th April 2009

ChildLine sees rise in suicidal children 23rd March 2009

Law creates underclass of child criminals 9th June 2008

Girl crime surges by a quarter 15th May 2008

Naughty children as young as FIVE could be put on database 17th March 2008

Chancellor's statement on tackling Child Poverty 12th March 2008

MPs urge curb on restraint techniques in child jails 7th March 2008

Men at work 22nd January 2008

Thinktank calls for use of asbos to be reviewed 10th December 2007

Sex infections continue to rise 23rd November 2007

Depth of child poverty in Britain exposed by report 15th November 2007

Young 'more violent than adults' 15th October 2007

We are failing our children - and risking our future 12th October 2007

Asbos questioned by police chief 10th September 2007

Unpunished: The 3,000 crimes committed by the under-10s 2nd September 2007

Safety fears over new register of all children 27th August 2007

Britons fear rise of the yob 19th August 2007

£4bn boost for children's services 2nd August 2007

Every Asbo a failure, says Balls, in break with Blair era on crime 28th July 2007

A million children now suffer from mental health problems 20th June 2007

Children who go to nursery full-time 'become antisocial' 5th April 2007

Early Years: Providers deny childcare is linked to bad behaviour 3rd April 2007

Shock as Government figures reveal more children in poverty 3rd April 2007

Rise in UK's child mortality rate is linked to inequality 1st April 2007

Boy's death in secure unit 'a disaster waiting to happen' 16th February 2007

UK is accused of failing children 14th February 2007

Fear of killers ‘ruining childhood’ 12th February 2007

Study shows increase in mental disorders among children 6th February 2007

Stress 'harms brain in the womb' 26th January 2007

Chairman of Youth Justice Board resigns condemning government policy 26th January 2007

Flagship children's centres fail to help most needy, study finds 19th December 2006

Half of Asbo holders breach order 7th December 2006

Overhaul tax credits or miss key child poverty targets, Brown told 5th December 2006

New study on UK Government and MMR vaccine safety hazards 4th December 2006

A new way to cut crime: forcible adoption 3rd December 2006

IT systems designed to protect kids will put them at risk instead 22nd November 2006

Schizophrenia much more likely in children of single parents 22nd November 2006

'Supernannies' to tackle antisocial children 21st November 2006

Sure start, sure finish 21st November 2006

1 in 17 children referred to authorities 17th November 2006

Fears over rise in child drinking 17th November 2006

Kelly asks homeowners to house B&B teenagers 15th November 2006

Queen's speech: Parents face fines if Asbos breached 14th November 2006

Parents 'powerless to bring up their children' 12th November 2006

British teenagers are 'worst behaved' in Europe 2nd November 2006

Teenagers see Asbos as badge of honour 2nd November 2006

It's all about results 1st November 2006

British adults 'fear youngsters' 22nd October 2006

Mother figure is vital for a child 20th October 2006

Child guru says nurseries harm small children 10th October 2006

Tests to reveal ASBO babies 28th September 2006

Ruling the roost 20th September 2006

Childhood "in crisis" 18th September 2006

At last, a Labour minister who says two parents are best 15th September 2006

Affluent boroughs show fastest rise in teenage pregnancy 12th September 2006

This Government index will put every child in Britain at risk 2nd September 2006

Blair to target the ASBO babies 31st August 2006

The way to reduce welfare dependency 29th August 2006

Child Benefit can only be made to one person 24th August 2006

War on youth crime is 'demonising teens' 20th August 2006

British children 'among Europe's unhappiest and unhealthiest' 6th August 2006

Single-parent families double likelihood of child mental illness 21st February 2006

Child 'jail' restraint criticised 17th February 2006

Children's Services - Councils face budget black hole 24th January 2006

Child database 'will not prevent tragedies' 12th December 2005

Sure Start sets back the worst placed youngsters, study finds 1st December 2005

Asbos soar by 85%, with Manchester at top of list 4th November 2005

Child commissioner attacks 'baby Asbos' plan 14th October 2005

Plans to cut safety checks put children at risk, say carers 22nd September 2005

Hidden stress of the nursery age 19th September 2005

Doubts over value of £3bn Sure Start 13th September 2005

Child mental illness 'now stable at one in 10' 1st September 2005

'Name and shame' plan for children who breach Asbos 30th June 2005

One in four teenage boys is a criminal, report says 26th January 2005

Field blames yob culture on Labour for making mothers go back to work 9th December 2004

Six-year-old offenders will be sent to boot camps 26th October 2004

Children of criminals to be 'targeted' and 'tracked' 17th August 2004

Inquiry demanded into 'vengeful' punishment of vulnerable children 11th August 2004

New figures reveal hidden epidemic of self-harm 27th July 2004

Children from fatherless homes twice as likely to take drugs 15th June 2004

Young Britons among worst for hard drinking and under-age sex 4th June 2004

Lone parent families 'harm the health of children' 4th June 2004

Bad timing 24th March 2004

A rainbow ends for Daddy's little girl 23rd September 2003

Children taught at home learn more 13th August 2000

Let our children judge us by the fight we engage in on their behalf.