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Childhood "in crisis"

Breakfast's main story this morning is a warning from the Archbishop of Canterbury that childhood is in crisis.

Dr Rowan Williams says children are being damaged by marriage break-ups, commercial pressures - and parents who refuse to grow up.

His comments come as charity The Children's Society is launching an enquiry into the state of childhood.

This morning on Breakfast

We asked - have we forgotten how to be proper parents?

We talked live to the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams.

One in ten of today's children have measurable mental health problems, he told us - not just adolescent moodiness but ingrained unhappiness leading to serious problems such as self-harming.

He blamed many factors, including over-testing of children in schools and lack of time among working parents.

We talked to Stephanie Calman of the website Badmothers club and author Lynette Burroughs.

We began with Stephanie, who agreed with much of Dr Williams' analysis but reckons it's not fair to label people as "bad parents".

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