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Sent: Friday, January 03, 2014 11:42 AM
Subject: FOI Request Ref: CP04/1329/13

Dear Mr Mortimer,

I am writing to advise you on the outcome of your request for information.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide the information you have requested as we do not hold the information. Essex County Council is responsible for social care in Castle Point and this information will be held by them. You should forward your request to them at the following address:

Your Right to Know
Information Sharing Information Security
Po Box 11
County Hall
Market Road CM1 1LX

The Council considers that the above response fully complies with the requirements placed on the Council under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000 but a person making a request for information under the FOIA 2000 may complain to the Review Officer if they are dissatisfied with the Council's response. Details regarding the complaints procedure may be obtained from the Data Controller at the Council Offices Benfleet.


Cheryl Salmon
Senior Governance Officer

Castle Point Borough Council | telephone: 01268 882454 | featurenet: 782 2454 | email:| website:

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Sent: 28 December 2013 10:40
Subject: Request for information under the freedom of information act.

Dear Castle Point Council

Request for information under the freedom of information act.

Please will you kindly tell me what the (a) gender and (b) familial relationship was to the child victim of offenders in substantiated child abuse cases in the area which you have a duty to protect children from abuse for the last full year which figures are available, broken down by (i) physical abuse, (ii) emotional abuse, (iii) sexual abuse and (iv) cases of neglect.

David Mortimer

Who do local authorities protect children from? 28th December 2013

A change would be in the best interests of children.