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The Business of Cancer

Persecution, Suppression & Extradition by Big Pharma = Revenue Protection

CANCER. Vitamin B17, a natural remedy?

AV9 : Suppression of Effective CANCER Treatments 14th November 2018

National Toxicology Program Cell Phone Study Finds Cancer 14th September 2018

Ava home for Christmas after mum Vera Twomey secures licence for medical cannabis 28th November 2017

First Irish licence granted to treat pain with medicinal cannabis 18th November 2017

Opposition to medicinal cannabis misguided, say doctors 15th November 2017

Girl who left Ireland to use medicinal cannabis hasn't had a seizure in months 10th November 2017

Dáil to vote on allowing cannabis for medical use 9th November 2017

Does cannabis oil help people with cancer? 8th November 2017

Poland legalises medical cannabis 4th November 2017

Cancer gran shrinks her tumour using cannabis oil 30th October 2017

Cannabis oil ends the 13-year misery of a sciatica patient 26th October 2017

Electromagnetic Fields and Health Paul Heroux PhD US Supreme Court 21st October 2017

Scientists spent nine years studying the relationship between sugar and cancer, and what they found was horrifying 17th October 2017

Criminals caught growing the drug are now let off with a caution 17th October 2017

Cannabis Oil Cures Cancer: Make Your Own Rick Simpson Oil 13th October 2017

Paul Flynn MP introduces Legalisation of Cannabis (Medicinal Purposes) Bill under the 10 minute rule 10th October 2017

Cell Tower Radiation Levels At Bullis School Potomac Maryland 9th October 2017

Grassroots politics: Legalize cannabis to woo millennial voters, Tory ex-MP Blunt urges party 3rd October 2017

Wifi Radiation Dangers In Your Home. Why Does Switzerland Warn Their Citizens Of Wifi Dangers? 30th September 2017

Six Reasons The UK May Soon Legalise Medical Cannabis 29th September 2017

Transition to cellphone-free classrooms smooth 26th September 2017

Royal College Of General Practitioners. Draft Council Paper - Cannabis For Specified Medical Indications 26th September 2017

The medicinal cannabis bill passed through the Dáil last year, but now it's on the shelf 24th September 2017

Screens, Cell Phones, Wireless and Children's Health: Policy Update 23rd September 2017

Nanotechnology in Food: Dr Ted Broer with Sharon & Austin 22nd September 2017

Cannabis beats “incurable” brain tumor after chemo fails 22nd September 2017

The Rise of Tecnocracy - Which Path to Freedom - Looking Behind the Veil 22nd September 2017

Research Evidence That Cell Phone Radiation Can Cause Cancer Dr. Anthony Miller 21st September 2017

Recent advances in the effects of microwave radiation on brains 21st September 2017

Dr. Mercola and Dave Asprey on EMF Dangers 21st September 2017

Probably The Biggest Breakthrough Yet For Medicinal Cannabis In The UK. 21st September 2017

Most cancer is caused by processed food and toxic ingredients, new study confirms 19th September 2017

Desperate parents leave UK to treat sick son with cannabis 11th September 2017

Medicinal cannabis: Harris says 'it's not the job of the Minister for Health to be a doctor' 9th September 2017

Cancer cover-up? Alcohol industry accused of mass deception 8th September 2017

Cancer survivor tells how cannabis oil 'saved her life' after being told incurable brain tumour would kill her in months 7th September 2017

Baroness Meacher: To ask Her Majesty's Government whether they plan to invite the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs to review the evidence supporting the rescheduling of cannabis to Schedule 2 or 4. 7th September 2017

'Cannabis consumption is a human rights issue' - Irish MP Luke Flanagan 7th September 2017

Boy who suffered up to 100 seizures a day has none in 300 days after being prescribed cannabis oil 7th September 2017

North-east cancer sufferer in court for growing cannabis to save her life 4th September 2017

Cancer - Dying Of Ignorance 30TH AugUST 2017

Forcing a Total, Saturated 5G Future... Without Safety Checks 19th August 2017

5G: Cancer, Cell Phone, Wi-Fi, Cell Tower, Wireless Radiation Health Effects 17st August 2017

Chemotherapy may spread cancer and trigger more aggressive tumours, warn scientists 6th July 2017

“Children should be banned from using mobile phones immediately to stop them from suffering brain tumors.“ 29th December 2016

The world is changing on cannabis, but Britain is left behind 22nd November 2016

EPA Retiree- Electromagnetic fields 5G Small Cells Can Cause Cancer 3rd November 2016

A Rose By Any Other Name (UK Medicinal Cannabis Documentary) 13th September 2016

NHS 'testing cannabis-based pain relief product' for first time 16th August 2016

The 1939 Cancer Act: What is it, what does it do, and is it ‘suppressing the cure’? 19th February 2016

Renowned Neurosurgeon Dr. Charlie Teo Calls For the Right To Know About Cell Phone Radiation 19th December 2015

How Baking Soda Became a Cancer Treatment 14th September 2017

AV6 - David Noakes - Big Pharma & the Cancer Scam 24th February 2016

Cannabis users allowed to grow drugs at home without prosecution say Durham Police 22nd July 2015


Jimmy Gonzalez "Cell Phones Cause Cancer" 13th December 2014

EMF Dangers Cell Tower Radiation Dangers - Be Aware of Where You Live and Work! 23rd March 2014

Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmoreCollege 22nd December 2013

When We Grow Cannabis, This is What We Can Do 1st July 2013

Barrie Trower (Clip 1 of 14) - Irreparable DNA Damage from Non-Ionising Radiation 11th May 2013

Prof. Olle Johansson on WiFi - "Irreversible sterility within five generations" 10th May 2013

David Nutt's Blog: Evidence not Exaggeration 9th October 2012

Fluoride Causes Cancer - Dr Dean Burk Ph.D 4th August 2012

Drugs aren't the problem, Prof David Nutt tells the London Group 8th November 2010

Cannabis a medical miracle - it's official 4th November 2001

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