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The document is entitled: "Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect"

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Alleged Perpetrators

Most child investigations involved allegations against parents: biological mothers (61%), biological fathers (38%), step-fathers/common-law partners (9%), or step-mothers/common-law partners (3%). Other than parents, relatives were the most frequently suspected perpetrators (7%, see Figure S-5). It should be noted that many non-familial allegations of abuse are investigated by the police, not by a child welfare service. One should also note that there is overlap between alleged perpetrator classifications, since multiple perpetrators were identified for the primary category of maltreatment in 24% of child investigations. Substantiation rates for alleged perpetrators ranged from 18% for professionals to 51% for step-mothers.

I am still studying this report so this is just a quick excerpt. Note however, that the NSPCC and the BBC and other media outlets, almost NEVER draw attention to the fact that most child abuse is carried out by mothers. In fact, there is often a determined attempt to point to men as the principle perpetrators of this horrible crime. The "save the women from having to face up" attitude created by this evil act, allows the children to suffer even more and the female abusers of them to hide away. If we are going to have witch hunts, let's chase the right witches!

By George Rolph

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