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From: Governance@CAFCASS.GSI.GOV.UK
Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2013 10:39 AM
Subject: Final CAF 683: Your Freedom of Information request

Dear Mr Mortimer,

Re: Freedom of Information Request

Thank you for your email, which was received on 11th February 2013. You requested the following information:

Please will you kindly provide me with copies of the peer reviewed research which is used to train Cafcass officers on how much contact time divorced parents should have with their children to ensure that their long term relationship is sustainable.

Cafcass does not hold the documentation that you have requested.

Cafcass practitioners are professional social workers, Health and Care Professions Council registered and have a minimum of three year’s post qualifying experience in social work with children and families at risk.

Cafcass does not recommend any specific research but staff will have access to various research and library material if they consider it is necessary.

Cafcass has an operating framework which sets out what Cafcass does and may be of interest to you. This can be found at this link:

Best wishes,

Governance Team


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