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Cafcass proposes new parental alienation measures 20th November 2017

Baroness Tyler of Enfield Re: Shared parenting should be the norm for children of all ages 25th August 2017

Cafcass - Putting children and young people first in the family courts 5th December 2014

Cafcass don’t have a risk assessment policy 2nd April 2013

CafCass has no guidelines or training on how much contact is required 7th March 2013

Cafcass publishes its draft strategic plan 11th February 2013

Cafcass "not fit for purpose" according to MPs 11th November 2010

Guidance to Cafcass Practitioners on monitoring of contact 8th December 2008

NAPO & CAFCASS condone breach of court orders 5th October 2008

Evaluation of new domestic violence toolkit published 7th September 2008

Chief executive vows third damning report will be the last 5th August 2008

Public law applications down 8.3% states CAFCASS Annual Report 16th July 2008

Social workers' failings put children at risk 28th May 2008

Cafcass seeks your views on new complaints system 23rd May 2008

EDM 291 Cafcass and private Family Law 15th November 2007

Family Court Work: A personal view 1st November 2007

Rectification of Inaccurate Data in a CAFCASS Report 15th August 2007

CAFCASS must visit both parents homes 26th July 2007

How do Cafcass monitor the effectiveness of its interventions? 26th July 2007

CAFCASS claims success in 60% of private law interventions 22nd July 2007

How much funding has been allocated to specialist assessment teams 8th June 2007

Cafcass and Domestic violence 14th March 2007

What steps he is taking to improve front-line services provided by CafCass 7th March 2007

Concerns about the Family Courts and CAFCASS 6th September 2006

CAFCASS complaints 10th July 2006

The Multi Organisational Response 27th January 2006

Napo National Standards 2006

CAFCASS annual report 2005 - 2006

CAFCASS Procedures & Report Templates 14th November 2005

NAPO Family Court and Parental Contact Survey 12th October 2005

Why do CafCass claim to be an independent body? 12th October 2005

Chaos at troubled court service puts children at risk 19th August 2005

Governemnt Research on Seperated Families 2nd August 2005

Where is the proof that sole residency is in the best interests of children? 1st June 2005

FNF Respnse to Consulation on CAFCASS Complaints Procedure 21st January 2005

CafCass A Debacle History 18th January 2005

CAFCASS are trained to come down on one side or another 14th December 2004

Conservative action on Family Justice 17th October 2004

Abolishing CAFCASS: New Labour’s Secret Service Destroying Families 5th October 2004

Children benefit from a relationship with both parents 10th June 2004

Falconer orders Cafcass board to resign 5th December 2003

CAFCASS was set up to replace the widely discredited FCWS 23rd February 2003

National Association of Probation Officers Anti Sexism Policy 1996

A Guide to Contact Arrangements for Children 4th October 1993