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Doctor RICHARD SAUL convinced ADHD doesn't exist 11th March 2014

ADHD is a Fictitious Disease 23rd October 2013

Children With ADHD at Increased Risk for Depression and Suicidal Thoughts 4th October 2010

Remove Food Additives From Hyperactive Children's Diets 15th July 2008

The ADHD Scam and the Mass Drugging of School children 30th May 2008

Tranquillisers putting children's lives at risk 7th April 2008

Harmful food additives that trigger hyperactive behaviour in children 30th January 2008

Drugs for ADHD 'not the answer' 12th November 2007

Additives 'cause bad behaviour' 6th September 2007

Non-medicinal interventions for young children with ADHD 22nd August 2007

Four times as many children prescribed antidepressants 23rd July 2007

Ritalin - Should we dish out the chill pill to kids? 19th June 2007

"Ritalin use higher in children of divorce" 8th June 2007

Hyperactivity in young linked to smoking during pregnancy 25th May 2007

Many ADHD pupils excluded 18th September 2006

Ritalin prescription fears raised 3 September 2006

2,500 children on ADHD drugs in Norwich a rise of 44% in 2 years 20th February 2006

Children 'wrongly given' Ritalin 19th February 2006

Ritalin heart attacks warning urged after 51 deaths in US 11th February 2006

Rebels without a cause 6th December 2005

Hyperactive disorder drug 'raises risk of suicidal thoughts in children' 2nd October 2005

Shut up and take your pills 20th September 2005

Cancer Risks Linked to Ritalin 1st July 2005

Antipsychotic Drug Use Rising Among ADHD Kids 2nd August 2004

SSRI dangers for children 'suppressed' 23rd April 2004

Teachers diagnosing ADD in 50% of cases study Doctors act as rubber stamp 28th August 2003

Need for Ritalin rooted in lax parenting? 22nd July 2003

Ritalin may have long-term effects study 11th November 2001

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