UK Family Law Reform

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'Don't let them lock me up': Mum faces jail in Belgium for abducting her own son 28th September 2017

UK courts must not decide the fate of foreign children 15th January 2014

Judge refuses mother permission to permanently leave the UK 11th December 2012

Father stops mother from taking his child to live abroad 24th October 2012

Turkish mother planning to take her child back to Turkey loses her appeal 19th October 2012

Child abduction cases increase by 22 per cent 26th November 2007

A court will always allow a mother to relocate abroad 26th July 2007

Fathers to fight removal of children overseas 11th February 2007

Developing the family ties that cross continents 22nd of August 2006

The first step towards a single EU family law 22nd February 2005

Parents accuse Foreign Office of failing to rescue stolen children 26th June 2004

International Child Protection by Lord Justice Mathew Thorpe 2004

Enforcement of return and access orders 2004

Parental Child Abduction is Child Abuse 9th June 1999

Poel Vs Poel 1970

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